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Results for Happy Norwegian Constitution Day

Celtic Football Club
happy norwegian constitution day to all the celts celebrating around the world have a great day kristoffer aj
🇳🇴 Happy Norwegian Constitution Day to all the Celts celebrating around the world!

Have a great day, Kristoffer Ajer! 🥳

(and Tore Reginiussen)
M.J. McDermott
happy 17th of may norwegian constitution day as they say in norwegian syttende mai big parade in ballard tonig
Happy 17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day. As they say in Norwegian: Syttende Mai! Big parade in Ballard tonight at 6 p.m. Norwegians everywhere are celebrating, like & here at Q13. The puppy from is not Norwegian, just cute! #Q13FOX
Todd Buell
happy norwegian constitution day to ellenemmerentze and all other norwegians
Happy Norwegian Constitution Day to @ellenemmerentze and all other Norwegians!
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