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when asked ukip candidate carl benjamin if he thought it was acceptable to say he wouldn t even rape a female
When asked UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin if he thought it was acceptable to say he "wouldn't even rape" a female Labour MP he responded by saying "100% deal with it"

When asked about the issue earlier Gerard Batten walked out of the interview
Jim Pickard
gerard batten proudly introduces the man who taught his dog to do a nazi salute and the man who joked about no
Gerard Batten proudly introduces the man who taught his dog to do a Nazi salute and the man who joked about not wanting to rape ⁦⁩
James O'Brien
i ve just confirmed that pavel stroilov the russian law student advising alfie evans family and described by a
I've just confirmed that Pavel Stroilov, the Russian law student 'advising' Alfie Evans' family and described by a High Court judge as 'fanatical and deluded', used to work for Ukip leader Gerard Batten. Funny old world.
BBC Politics
treason is exactly what s gone on in this country since 1972 says ukip leader gerard batten launching their eu
"Treason is exactly what's gone on in this country since 1972" says UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, launching their European election campaign, "our nation has been handed over bit by bit by our politicians to the European Union"

Mirror Politics
tommy robinson hired as ukip leader gerard batten s adviser on rape gangs
Tommy Robinson hired as UKIP leader Gerard Batten's adviser on 'rape gangs'
Sky News
ukip leader gerard batten marched alongside the democratic football lads alliance dfla as they clashed with po
UKIP leader Gerard Batten marched alongside the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) as they clashed with police.

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Harry Cole
so ukip s gerard batten hits out at boozy lunch with tommy robinson lies from the msm and gets a 1000 rts so h
So Ukip's Gerard Batten hits out at "boozy" lunch with Tommy Robinson "lies" from the MSM and gets a 1,000 RTs. So here is a picture of the House of Lords waiter serving their table said booze...
Sky News
i don t happen to think that tommy robinson is far right ukip leader gerard batten says he would support brin
'I don't happen to think that Tommy Robinson is far-right' - UKIP leader Gerard Batten says he would support bringing the former EDL leader into his party.

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LBC Breaking
ukip leader gerard batten has lost his seat as an mep in the london region
UKIP leader Gerard Batten has lost his seat as an MEP in the London region.
Paul Waugh
great news tonight for everyone who wanted to see anti islam candidates defeated and defeated heavily ukip lea
Great news tonight for everyone who wanted to see anti-Islam candidates defeated and defeated heavily. UKIP leader Gerard Batten loses seat in London and Yaxley-Lennon gets 2% in NWest.
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