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Alice Workman
senators that wont be coming back that contested the election lisa singh labor gavin marshall labor steve mart
Senators that won’t be coming back (that contested the election):
Lisa Singh, Labor
Gavin Marshall, Labor
Steve Martin, Nats
Fraser Anning
Skye KM, CA
Peter Georgiou, One Nation
Ian Macondald, Libs
Jim Molan, Libs
Lucy Gichuhi, Libs (meme queen)
Derryn Hinch
NSW Lib Dems
Jon Sopel
interesting that british defence attache air vice marshall gavin parker is there at us military news conferenc
Interesting that British Defence Attaché, Air Vice Marshall, Gavin Parker, is there at US military news conference at Pentagon. Shows how coordinated this is
Michael O'Brien
dunbar 64 rowe clark 35 gavin alston 22 points 11 rebounds ishmael martin 14 points 4 steals laron owen 12 poi
Dunbar 64- Rowe Clark 35

Gavin Alston 22 points 11 rebounds
Ishmael Martin 14 points 4 steals
La’Ron Owen 12 points 6 steals
Terrance Marshall 12 points 5 steals
Jackson Gothe-Snape
away from abc for a moment labor senator gavin marshall is currently seeking all complaints made about all cur
Away from ABC for a moment, Labor Senator Gavin Marshall is currently seeking all complaints made about all current MPs by staff for bullying. The Finance Dept has taken all questions on notice. #estimates He has been pushed from a winnable position on the Vic Senate ticket.
The Australian
victorian labor senator gavin marshall has been demoted to a virtually unwinnable spot on the senate ticket au
Victorian Labor senator Gavin Marshall has been demoted to a virtually unwinnable spot on the Senate ticket #auspol
James Massola
labor senator gavin marshall declares war on frontbench colleagues flags preselection challenges via smh
Labor senator Gavin Marshall declares war on frontbench colleagues, flags preselection challenges via @smh
Rob Harris
more factional warfare again breaking out in victorian labor tonight the left considering supporting united vo
More factional warfare again breaking out in Victorian Labor tonight - the Left considering supporting United Voice boss Jess Walsh and dumping Senator Gavin Marshall. Would be seen to go directly against Bill Shorten's request that all sitting MPs be endorsed.
Richard Willingham
gavin marshall grilling nolan on the hiring of union busting law firm seyfarth shaw springst again this was co
Gavin Marshall grilling Nolan on the hiring of union-busting law firm Seyfarth Shaw #springst again this was covered in state hearing
James Massola
labor s gavin marshall falls on his sword at bill shorten s request and will not stand for deputy senate presi
Labor's Gavin Marshall falls on his sword at Bill Shorten's request and will not stand for deputy senate president
Herald Sun
senator gavin marshall quiet on staff members jane garrett attack springst auspol
Senator Gavin Marshall quiet on staff member’s Jane Garrett attack #springst #auspol
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