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Charles V Payne
hello i m hosting a town hall on capitalism and socialism next week on the fox business network i think this w
Hello I'm hosting a Town Hall on Capitalism and Socialism next week on the Fox Business Network. I think this will be the central issue in 2020 and beyond and want to get all sides in fairly. I'm inviting you to explain why Democratic socialism is the best system for USA
@nowthisnews 11 months
disgusting fox business network nothing short of treasonous former cia director john brennan one of the most d
‘Disgusting’ — Fox Business Network

‘Nothing short of treasonous’ — Former CIA Director John Brennan

‘One of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory … a tragic mistake.’ — Sen. John McCain
Brian Stelter
that racist trump ad was running on fox news but not anymore upon further review fox news pulled the ad yester
That racist Trump ad WAS running on Fox News, but not anymore: "Upon further review, FOX News pulled the ad yesterday and it will not appear on either FOX News Channel or FOX Business Network," ad sales president Marianne Gambelli says.
@CNN 7 months
fox business network host lou dobbs asserted in a tweet without evidence that it was fake news that suspicious
Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs asserted in a tweet without evidence that it was “fake news” that suspicious packages were mailed this week to Democrats and the NYC offices of CNN

He later deleted his tweet after immediate and widespread condemnation
@MSNBC 2 months
president trump does not have a 55 approval rating as was reported on fox business he has a 40 approval rating
President Trump does not have a 55% approval rating, as was reported on Fox Business. He has a 40% approval rating, according to the director of the poll cited on the network.
Charles V Payne
fox business network town hall special addition of making money capitalism versus socialism please tune 2pm fo
Fox Business Network Town Hall
Special addition of Making Money
Capitalism versus Socialism
Please tune 2PM
@MSNBC 6 months
republican congressman pushed a false conspiracy theory about george soros during an interview on the fox busi
Republican congressman pushed a false conspiracy theory about George Soros during an interview on the Fox Business Network Thursday, prompting a host to later rebuke the comments.
Trish Regan
thank you fox business network posts back to back yearly wins over cnbc in business viewers highest rated 8pm
! Thank you!!! Fox Business Network posts back-to-back yearly wins over CNBC in Business viewers #TrishRegan highest rated 8pm show in history of network #FoxNews
Shimon Prokupecz
speaking to fox business network the president said americans would not stand by if robert mueller releases a
Speaking to Fox Business network, the President said Americans would not stand by if Robert Mueller releases a report that shines a bad light on him.

"People will not stand for it," the President said.

"For two years we’ve gone through this nonsense. There’s no collusion.”
Judicial Watch ?
jw president appeared on tonight on the fox business network to discuss the mueller probes expected report and
JW President appeared on “ Tonight” on the Fox Business Network to discuss the Mueller Probe’s expected report and Rep. Adam Schiff’s threat to subpoena Mueller. Tom said: I don't want Mueller writing dossier on President .
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