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and on today s foreign affairs council agenda
@ANI 4 months
afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs afghanistan complains to un security council on pakistans engagements
Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Afghanistan complains to UN Security Council on Pakistan’s engagements with Taliban on which Afghan govt isn't consulted. It not only undermines ongoing peace efforts but violates Afghanistan's National Sovereignty & UNSC Resolution 1988
Turkish MFA
press release regarding the conclusions adopted by the eu foreign affairs council
Press Release Regarding the Conclusions Adopted by the EU Foreign Affairs Council
@ANI 4 months
jean yves le drian french minister for europe and foreign affairs france which is assuming the presidency of t
Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs: France, which is assuming the presidency of the United Nations Security Council today, will do its utmost so that those responsible for the terrible attack in Pulwama are sanctioned.
Marianne Williamson
yesterday i gave a speech at southern new hampshire universitys world affairs council it was my first foreign
Yesterday I gave a speech at Southern New Hampshire University’s World Affairs Council. It was my first foreign policy speech of the campaign and here it is:
Foreign Office ?? #D
today ill be building on the leadership shown by the uk alongside france and germany as we do what it takes to
❝Today I’ll be building on the leadership shown by the UK, alongside France and Germany, as we do what it takes to maintain the nuclear deal, and to work to encourage Iran back into compliance.❞

@Jeremy_Hunt to discuss Iran at Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. #FAC
minister of state on at the foreign affairs council in brussels we must present a united front as the eu and s
Minister of State @MiRo_SPD on #Iran at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels: we must present a united front as the EU and speak with one voice. It is important for us now to remain in dialogue and to work to deescalate the situation.
Kyiv Post
of ministry of foreign affairs of today s dangerous events in the azov sea testify that a new front of russia
#BREAKING - of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of :
"Today's da#Ukrainengerous events in the Azov Sea testify that a new front of (Russian) aggression is open. Ukraine calling now for emergency meeting of (United Nations Security Council)."
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