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Niall Horan
ahhhhh yesssssss 5sos are opening up for us again tmh was great fun but dudes we re playing f in stadiums aggg
Ahhhhh yesssssss!! @5SOS are opening up for us again! TMH was great fun! But dudes we're playing f'in stadiums! Agggghhhhh !
Niall Horan
arias tomorrow happy to be back in australia f in love this country
arias tomorrow! Happy to be back in Australia, f'in love this country
Niall Horan
adelaide you were f in unbelievable couldn t believe how loud it was in there doin it all again tomorrow can t
Adelaide ! You were f'in unbelievable ! Couldn't believe how loud it was in there! Doin it all again tomorrow , can't wait!
Paris Saint-Germain
fin du match paris saint germain 1 3 manchester united lukaku 2 30 bernat 12 rashford 90
Fin du match

Paris Saint-Germain 1️⃣ - 3️⃣ Manchester United
⚽️ Lukaku 2', 30'
⚽️ Bernat 12'
⚽️ Rashford 90'
Joy Reid
from this day forward the debate is not about chip or the military or anything else it s about whether republi
From this day forward, the debate is not about CHIP, or the military, or anything else. It's about whether Republicans want to kick out DREAMers or not, and whether they want to end non-white immigration or not. Fin.
Niall Horan
rochellethesats you are dangerous f in liar and why are we tweeting each other when we are sitting next to eac
@RochelleTheSats you are dangerous ! F'in liar! And why are we tweeting each other when we are sitting next to each other !
guys i swam with dolphins this is not a drill i swam with dolphins look at the fin in the
guys. i swam with dolphins. THIS IS NOT A DRILL I SWAM WITH DOLPHINS (look at the fin in the…
Elon Musk
@elonmusk 6 months
grid fin hydraulic pump stalled so falcon landed just out to sea appears to be undamaged amp is transmitting d
Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled, so Falcon landed just out to sea. Appears to be undamaged & is transmitting data. Recovery ship dispatched.
@Rubiu5 3 years
Video player
ya ha salido por fin el youtuberewind 2015 d do it just do it
Ya ha salido por fin el #YouTubeRewind 2015 :D DO IT. JUST DO IT.
Maxine Waters
as the new chair of fin svcs i ve created a subcom on diversity amp inclusion america is stronger when people
As the new chair of Fin. Svcs., I've created a subcom on diversity & inclusion. America is stronger when people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, ages, & natl origins, are involved in decision-making. I have the gavel. A new day, a new way!
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