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CTV News
@CTVNews 3 years
update rcmp escort first evacuee convoy on highway 63 through fire ravaged fort mcmurray
UPDATE: RCMP escort first evacuee convoy on Highway 63 through fire-ravaged Fort McMurray
@ajc 1 year
update baby who died after crash in cherokee county was a florida evacuee irma
UPDATE: Baby who died after crash in Cherokee County was a Florida evacuee. #Irma
Global Calgary
update claresholm rcmp lay more fraud charges in fort mcmurray evacuee investigation ymmfire
UPDATE: Claresholm RCMP lay more fraud charges in Fort McMurray evacuee investigation #ymmfire
Spectrum News Austin
update an evacuee shelter for people affected by royalpinesfire open smithville recreation center 106 gazely s
#UPDATE An evacuee shelter for people affected by #RoyalPinesFire open:
Smithville Recreation Center 106 Gazely St.
Adrian Cheung
we re expecting an update around 9 am from redcrosscanada on evacuee situation in yqr1000 s expected skfire
We're expecting an update around 9 am from @redcrosscanada on evacuee situation in #yqr...1000's expected #skfire
WSB Radio
update i 16 from i 95 in savannah to dublin now only travels nb to aid evacuee traffic atltraffic
UPDATE: I-16 from I-95 in Savannah to Dublin now only travels NB to aid evacuee traffic #ATLtraffic
NBC Chicago
update harvey s death toll at 13 texas evacuee shelter swamped
#UPDATE: Harvey's death toll at 13; Texas evacuee shelter swamped
FOX40 News
update elderly oroville dam evacuee mistakenly billed for ambulance ride
Government of Sask
july 16 skfire update from defence to offence shc evacuee rent credit more returning home
July 16 #skfire update: From defence to offence, SHC evacuee rent credit, more returning home
Robert Kovacik
woolseyfire the second malibu evacuee update underway its standing room only here at santamonicahigh
#WoolseyFire: The second #Malibu Evacuee Update underway. It’s standing room only here at #SantaMonicaHigh.
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