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@CNN 1 month
security contractor erik prince brother of education secretary betsy devos helped finance an effort to obtain
Security contractor Erik Prince, brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, helped finance an effort to obtain Hillary Clinton's deleted emails in 2016, according to the publicly released version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report
Manu Raju
@mkraju 2 weeks
adam schiff says at wapo event that he is sending a criminal referral to the justice department today for erik
Adam Schiff says at WaPo event that he is sending a criminal referral to the Justice Department today for Erik Prince, saying there‘s “very strong evidence” Prince “willingly” misled the House Intelligence Committee when he testified in 2017.
Devlin Barrett
breaking rep schiff just said at this event that house intelligence committee will make a criminal referral to
BREAKING: Rep. Schiff just said at this event that House Intelligence Committee will make a criminal referral to the Justice Dept later today on Trump booster Erik Prince for possibly lying to Congress
Mehdi Hasan
heres my full erik prince interview at the oxford union folks which i see is trending on twitter tonight black
Here’s my full Erik Prince interview at the Oxford Union folks, which I see is trending on Twitter tonight :-)

“Blackwater's Erik Prince: Iraq, privatising wars, and TrumpHead to Head via
Josh Rogin
mattis shoots down the erik prince contractor plan for afghanistan when americans put their countrys reputatio
Mattis shoots down the Erik Prince contractor plan for Afghanistan: “When Americans put their country’s reputation on the line, privatizing it is probably not a good idea.”
NBC Politics
special counsel will receive house intel cmte transcripts from interviews with kushner parscale sessions banno
Special counsel will receive House Intel Cmte. transcripts from interviews with:

-Trump Jr.
-Erik Prince

and many more -
Adam Schiff
we ll need to interview george nader amp receive further testimony and documents from erik prince princes test
We'll need to interview George Nader & receive further testimony and documents from Erik Prince. Prince’s testimony is inconsistent with reports that the Seychelles meeting was part of an effort to set up a backchannel to Russia. It'd be negligent of us not to find out the truth.
Byron York
mueller questioned erik prince and also had transcript of prince s hill testimony mueller was not shy about ch
Mueller questioned Erik Prince and also had transcript of Prince's Hill testimony. Mueller was not shy about charging people with lying. He did not charge Prince. So what makes this a good time for Adam Schiff to refer Prince to DOJ?
The Hill
@thehill 2 months
just in erik prince admits he was at 2016 trump tower meeting despite testifying no official role in trump cam
JUST IN: Erik Prince admits he was at 2016 Trump Tower meeting despite testifying "no official role" in Trump campaign
astounding claims from erik prince founder of blackwater on clinton amp nypd
Astounding claims from Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater on Clinton & NYPD
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