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Netflix US
were disappointed in the decision to gut protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation creati
We’re disappointed in the decision to gut #NetNeutrality protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity & civic engagement. This is the beginning of a longer legal battle. Netflix stands w/ innovators, large & small, to oppose this misguided FCC order.
Donald J. Trump
record 157005000 employed 19th record of trump era
Record 157,005,000 Employed; 19th Record of Trump Era
CBS Sports
recap of the kawhi leonard era in toronto
Recap of the Kawhi Leonard era in Toronto:
@TIME 3 months
the comeback trailer featuring group leader rm is the first video in btstwt s new musical era
The "comeback trailer," featuring group leader RM, is the first video in @BTS_twt's new musical era
Donald J. Trump
the golden era of american energy is now underway
The golden era of American energy is now underway!
Dalai Lama
times always moving on nothing can stop it we cant change the past but we can still learn from it and we can s
Time’s always moving on; nothing can stop it. We can’t change the past, but we can still learn from it. And we can shape the future, creating a more peaceful era, by adopting a realistic approach, recognising that the more compassionate you are, the more you’ll find inner peace.
Donald J. Trump
new evidence that the obama era team of the fbi doj amp cia were working together to spy on and take out presi
“New evidence that the Obama era team of the FBI, DOJ & CIA were working together to Spy on (and take out) President Trump, all the way back in 2015.” A transcript of Peter Strzok’s testimony is devastating. Hopefully the Mueller Report will be covering this.
Mehdi Hasan
historians will look back on the us medias refusal to use the l lie and r racist words in relation to trump as
Historians will look back on the US media’s refusal to use the L (lie) and R (racist) words in relation to Trump as one of the most inexcusable, cowardly and shameful features of this horrific political and media era.
Rep. Barbara Lee
first day of a new era
First day of a new era. 💪🏾😍
Sean Hannity
house dems delete tweet after realizing they used obama era photo of migrant kids in cages
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