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the big bang theory tv s longest running multi camera sitcom ends later this month everyone is trying to enjoy
"The Big Bang Theory," TV's longest-running multi-camera sitcom ends later this month. “Everyone is trying to enjoy this as much as they possibly can,” showrunner Steve Holland says. “I think we’re all incredibly aware of what a special thing this is.”
@NPR 10 months
the big bang theory will end in may making it the perfect time to revisit defense of the show it is still on i
"The Big Bang Theory" will end in May, making it the perfect time to revisit ' defense of the show: "It is still on! I still enjoy it! I am not sure whether I should!"
Zee Cafe
enjoy your day off as you binge on the big bang theory from 11am onwards tune in to the independence day speci
Enjoy your day off as you binge on The Big Bang Theory from 11am onwards.
Tune in to the Independence Day special.
Woody Wommack
thedapperone you re not funny enough to keep arguing with enjoy new episodes of the big bang theory foh
@TheDapperOne_ you're not funny enough to keep arguing with. Enjoy new episodes of The Big Bang Theory #FOH
@DStv 3 years
biggz3000 hi we re trying to cater to everyone s availability we think you may enjoy the duff the big bang the
@Biggz3000 Hi, we're trying to cater to everyone's availability. We think you may enjoy The Duff, The Big Bang Theory & Girls. #DSTVGuideMe
Tater Tot "FAKE OJ N
the smartest people i know 1 probably not rich 2 probably not on twitter 3 can pee standing or sitting 4 enjoy
The smartest people I know:

1 Probably not rich
2 Probably not on twitter
3 Can pee standing or sitting
4 Enjoy the dog that dances to Toto's Africa
5 Can't believe how dumb some people are but quietly nod and judge you
6 Hates The Big Bang Theory
7 Are here for the jokes
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