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we are delighted to announce that emily maitlis will be the new lead presenter for bbc newsnight kirsty wark w
We are delighted to announce that Emily Maitlis will be the new lead presenter for BBC Newsnight. Kirsty Wark will be taking up an enhanced role on the programme and Emma Barnett will also be joining the presenting team.

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Jim Waterson
emily maitlis to be lead presenter on newsnight following the departure of evan davis kirsty wark stays while
Emily Maitlis to be lead presenter on Newsnight following the departure of Evan Davis. Kirsty Wark stays, while Emma Barnett joins as new presenter. Which means there's an all-female presenting team and a female editor, which must be a first for a big BBC show.
Pete Wishart
this interview with barry gardiner is comedy gold more emma barnett please marr
This interview with Barry Gardiner is comedy gold. More Emma Barnett please. #Marr
BBC Newsnight
tonight we welcome our new presenter emma barnett she kicks off with the first full tv interview with sir ivan
Tonight we welcome our new presenter Emma Barnett

She kicks off with the first full TV interview with Sir Ivan Rogers, since he quit as the UK's ambassador to the EU

Join us at 22:30 on BBC Two

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The Poke
people love emma barnett taking down this boris johnson backing tory mp over facts and not his private life
People love Emma Barnett taking down this Boris Johnson backing Tory MP over facts (and not his private life)
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