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Jim Sciutto
new trump jr talked to emin agalarov who arranged trump tower meeting then made 11 minute phone call to a bloc
New: Trump Jr talked to Emin Agalarov who arranged Trump Tower meeting then made 11-minute phone call to a blocked number. Trump Jr said he couldn't remember who he called. However, Dems note Corey Lewandowski testified Candidate Trump's primary residence has a blocked number.
Kyle Cheney
things sam nunberg said on tv carter page colluded with russia trump knew about the trump tower meeting in adv
Things Sam Nunberg said on TV:

-Carter Page colluded with Russia

-Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting in advance

-Mueller may have something on Trump.

-Trump bodyguard told him Emin Agalarov offered to send women to Trump's Moscow hotel room in 2013
Adam Schiff
2 don jr had two calls with emin agalarov to pursue dirt russians were promising as part of june 9 2016 meetin
2.) Don Jr. had two calls with Emin Agalarov to pursue dirt Russians were promising as part of June 9, 2016 meeting. Sandwiched between these calls? A third call from a blocked number. We tried to subpoena call records to see if blocked number was Donald Trump, but Rs blocked us:
Manu Raju
trump jr could not recall with whom he spoke after june 6 phone call w emin agalarov ahead of trump tower meet
Trump Jr could not recall with whom he spoke after June 6 phone call w Emin Agalarov ahead of Trump Tower meeting. It was a blocked call.
Q. So you don't know whether or not this might have been your father?
A . "I don't."
Lewandowski told HPSCI that Trump has a blocked number
Jim Sciutto
so to be clear emin agalarov offered to send women to trump s hotel room in moscow in 2013 then in 2016 he bro
So to be clear: Emin Agalarov offered to send women to Trump's hotel room in Moscow in 2013. Then, in 2016, he brokered the Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Clinton. And Trump's son, son-in-law and campaign manager all took the meeting willfully.
Jesse Rodriguez
breaking from nbcnews mueller wants to interview russian pop star emin agalarov lawyer says
BREAKING from @NBCNews: Mueller wants to interview Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, lawyer says
AP Politics
breaking publicist says he set up meeting for trump son and russian lawyer on behalf of his moscow client emin
BREAKING: Publicist says he set up meeting for Trump son and Russian lawyer on behalf of his Moscow client, Emin Agalarov.
Michael Isikoff
don jr was charge of trump tower moscow project and ivanka flew there in 2014 to scout sites with emin agalaro
Don jr was charge of Trump Tower Moscow project and Ivanka flew there in 2014 to scout sites with Emin Agalarov
Chris Geidner
scoop donald trump jr and emin agalarov stayed in touch throughout the transition
Matt Viser
just four weeks before trump announced his presidential campaign emin agalarov paid him a visit in trump tower
Just four weeks before Trump announced his presidential campaign, Emin Agalarov paid him a visit in Trump Tower.
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