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Camila Cabello
luv me some eos camilaxeos
luv me some @eos #camilaxeos
Camila Cabello
baby it s cold outside but my lips ain t chapped cuz eos ooooo eosxcamila
baby it's cold outside.... But my lips ain't chapped... cuz @eos ... ooooo #eosxcamila
Charlie Bilello, CMT
crypto below all time high bitconnect 100 qtum 99 icon 98 cardano 98 bitcoin gold 98 bitcoin cash 98 neo 97 li
Crypto, % Below all-time high...
BitConnect: -100%
Qtum: -99%
ICON: -98%
Cardano: -98%
Bitcoin Gold: -98%
Bitcoin Cash: -98%
NEO: -97%
Lisk: -97%
NEM: -96%
IOTA: -96%
Dash: -96%
TRON: -95%
zCash: -94%
Ethereum: -93%
Litecoin: -93%
XRP: -92%
EOS: -92%
Monero: -90%
Bitcoin: -83%
Maggie Haberman
this feels very much like the first two weeks of the administration except instead of miller and bannon gettin
This feels very much like the first two weeks of the administration. Except instead of Miller and Bannon getting POTUS to sign EOs that he didn’t understand the implications of, Trump is now just doing it all himself.
Christina Aguilera
happy 1st day of summer keep those lips hydrated eos mint summersolstice
Happy 1st Day of Summer! Keep those lips hydrated! @eos #mint #summersolstice
Christina Aguilera
love my eos on the go the great scents are a total treat
Love my @eos on the go - the great scents are a total treat!
Nash Grier
snugglespinosa was it the eos thing cause yeah that hurt
. @snugglespinosa was it the eos thing cause yeah that hurt
Chloë Grace Moretz
anyone who knows me knows i never stop traveling and eos keeps me always hydrated
Anyone who knows me knows I never stop traveling, and @eos keeps me always hydrated
Nina Dobrev
hilaryduff this is the best easter basket ever how cuteampsweet are you thanks the awesome eos amp chocolate
@HilaryDuff !!! This is THE BEST Easter basket ever! How cute&sweet are you? Thanks the awesome @eos & chocolate!
Christina Aguilera
2 of my favorite things eos lip balm and jacquieleemusic get her new single brokenones
2 of my favorite things @eos lip balm and @jacquieleemusic! Get her new single #BrokenOnes.
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