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Microsoft Cloud
intelligent business process starts here introducing dynamics365 and appsource learn more
Intelligent business process starts here. Introducing Dynamics365 and AppSource. Learn more:
Microsoft News
save the date microsoft dynamics365 first look coming tuesday oct 11
Save the date: Microsoft #Dynamics365 first look coming Tuesday, Oct 11
R Ray Wang (王瑞光)
breaking adobe microsoft partner up on marketingcloud dynamics365 ganging up on salesforce amazon
BREAKING: @ADOBE @MICROSOFT partner up on #marketingcloud @dynamics365 ganging up on @salesforce @amazon…
Microsoft Business
great to see ebecs joining us as platinum sponsors of futuredecoded and the dynamics365 theatre iot digitaltra
Great to see @eBECS joining us as Platinum sponsors of #FutureDecoded and the #Dynamics365 Theatre #IoT #digitaltransformation
neB sepeK
huge news from microsoft today with the introduction of dynamics365 and its appsource store the componentizati
Huge news from @Microsoft today with the introduction of Dynamics365 and its AppSource store. The componentization of enterprise apps...
@techAU 2 years
we automatically allocated a field technician at the location that s awesome wpc16 dynamics365 workflows
We automatically allocated a field technician at the location.. that's awesome #WPC16 #Dynamics365 #Workflows
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