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ABC News
@abcnews 10 months
we re at crisis point cyclists demand major changes to make roads safe pic facebook julian drake
'We're at crisis point': Cyclists demand major changes to make roads safe (Pic: Facebook/Julian Drake)
madeira police are asking the public to stay away from a wooded area between given and drake roads while they
Madeira Police are asking the public to stay away from a wooded area between Given and Drake Roads while they search for a critically missing man.
Stacey Barchenger
all marchers are back in centennial park and off roads mnpd capt john drake says no incidents or injuries nash
All marchers are back in Centennial Park and off roads. MNPD Capt. John Drake says no incidents or injuries. #nashville
NWS Tulsa
the asos automated surface observation system at drake field and fort smith have measured 003 and 008 of icing
The ASOS (automated surface observation system) at Drake Field and Fort Smith have measured 0.03" and 0.08" of icing thru 3 AM. It is this small amount of ice that has caused havoc on the area roads this morning. #arwx
Hindustan Times
dance on floors not on roads says delhi police over drakes kiki challenge
Dance on floors, not on roads, says Delhi police over Drake’s ‘Kiki challenge’

#KiKiChallenge #InMyFeelingsChallenge
Dan London
Video player
bumping thegame 100 ft drake on these roads real real shit
BUMPING @thegame 100 ft @Drake on these roads.. Real real shit
BBC London Travel
esher a244 lammas lane blocked w bnd nr drake s close due collision outside princess alice hospice q s back tw
#Esher A244 Lammas Lane blocked w/bnd nr Drake's Close due collision outside Princess Alice Hospice Q's back twds town centre ps #roads
@WWJ950 3 years
motorcycle injury accident has one lane of wb 696 open btwn farmington drake roads update
Motorcycle injury accident has one lane of WB 696 open btwn Farmington/Drake roads. Update
Jane Burns
having a drake relays road race is a good idea having it on the roads that you actually have to take to get to
Having a Drake Relays road race is a good idea, having it on the roads that you actually have to take to get to the Drake Relays is not
Local 4 WDIV Detroit
westbound maple road closed for construction between drake halsted roads
Westbound Maple Road closed for construction between Drake, Halsted roads
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