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most popular app in australia instagram brazil whatsapp canada dunk line china douyin france bitmoji germany m
Most popular app in:

Australia: Instagram
Brazil: WhatsApp
Canada: Dunk Line
China: Douyin
France: Bitmoji
Germany: McDonald’s Deutschland
India: WhatsApp
Japan: Knives Out
Mexico: WhatsApp
Russia: Telegram Messenger
UK: Dunk Line
US: FB Messenger

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the 3 biggest record labels are demanding more money for songs played on tiktok and douyin
The 3 biggest record labels are demanding more money for songs played on TikTok and Douyin
wore a outfit designed by to the douyin grand ceremony held in guangzhou
#ChrisLee wore a #GivenchySpring19 outfit, designed by #ClareWaightKeller, to the Douyin Grand Ceremony held in Guangzhou.
BBC News (World)
peppa pig blocked from china s douyin video platform
Peppa Pig blocked from China's Douyin video platform
Matt Navarra
leaked tiktok slide decks sent to brands agencies and influencers by tiktok 1 tiktok general playbook short ve
LEAKED: TikTok slide decks sent to brands, agencies, and influencers by TikTok

1. TikTok - General Playbook (short version)

2. TikTok - Detailed Playbook for Creators

3. TikTok (Douyin) Playbook by Uplab
NBC News
tiktok which launched in china as douyin describes itself as a forum to capture and present the world s creati
TikTok, which launched in China as “Douyin," describes itself as a forum to "capture and present the world's creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone."
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