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Alberto El Patron
this is one of my favorite pictures of all time that night i wrestled ultimo guerrero and i was wearing my dos
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time, that night I wrestled Ultimo Guerrero and I was wearing my Dos Caras JR red devil mask, I love the pic. Cause in Mexico's lucha libre nobody is supposed to see your…
Chavo Guerrero jr.
yoyoyojoeyo 1 of the 1st of many good matches with dos caras jr alberto del rio
@Yoyoyojoeyo 1 of the 1st of many good matches with Dos Caras jr/Alberto Del Rio
Marc Raimondi
bam book it inmymmaopinion yes cro cop dos caras jr 2 marcraimondi think we ll see cro cop in bellator in 2015
Bam. Book it. "@InMyMMAOpinion: Yes. Cro Cop-Dos Caras Jr. 2
“@marc_raimondi: Think we'll see Cro Cop in Bellator in 2015?””
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