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Hillary Clinton
president trump sec mattis and dod should send the navy including the usns comfort to puerto rico now these ar
President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens.
Maxine Waters
all americans who respect the constitution get ready for the big big fight trump declares fake emergency steal
All Americans who respect the Constitution, get ready for the big, big fight! Trump declares FAKE emergency, stealing previously appropriated funds from DOD, Mil. Con., & Treasury. Let's go, join me! People power can stop him!
Richard Blumenthal
deporting veteransthousands reportedly without required reviewdefies american values amp policies amp disgrace
Deporting veterans—thousands, reportedly without required review—defies American values & policies & disgraces the nation. All agencies responsible—DOD, VA, DHS—must answer to Congress & be held to account.
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
mattis resigned 12 20 mcgurk resigned 12 22 sweeney dod chief of staff reportedly forced out 01 05 now zinni
-- Mattis resigned 12/20
-- McGurk resigned 12/22
-- Sweeney (DOD Chief of Staff) reportedly forced out 01/05
-- Now Zinni resigned/forced out 01/08

Rep. Barbara Lee
ryan stripped my 01 aumf repeal amdt from dod approps in the dead of night this is underhanded amp undemocrati
Ryan stripped my 01 AUMF repeal amdt from DOD Approps in the dead of night. This is underhanded & undemocratic. The people deserve a debate!
David Frum
stanford u prof of medicine former air force surgeon loses nomination for dod health job for saying how insane
Stanford U Prof of Medicine, former Air Force surgeon, loses nomination for DoD health job for saying, "how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a semiautomatic weapon like an AR-15.”
Andrea Mitchell
report trump had call today to say hes out by end of year instead of staying to insure smooth transition mean
. report Trump had call today to say he’s out by end o#Mattisf year instead of staying to insure smooth transition. Means Trump will have acting heads at DOD, DOJ, EPA & Chief of Staff. No replacement for Zinke. No Deputy at DHS,
Nancy Pelosi
trump s trans ban is designed to humiliate brave americans it is deeply concerning that dod officials appear t
Trump's trans ban is designed to humiliate brave Americans. It is deeply concerning that DoD officials appear to have given inaccurate testimony to Congress to justify a discriminatory policy. We must ensure that hate doesn't dictate our national security.
Jonathan Swan
in chasing a 10 billion contract with the us government amazon allegedly negotiated a signing bonus and stock
In chasing a $10 billion contract with the U.S. government, Amazon allegedly negotiated a signing bonus and stock options for a DOD official by @AlexanderEmmons
Donald J. Trump
in the interim hon robert wilkie of dod will serve as acting secretary i am thankful for dr david shulkins ser
....In the interim, Hon. Robert Wilkie of DOD will serve as Acting Secretary. I am thankful for Dr. David Shulkin’s service to our country and to our GREAT VETERANS!
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