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andy lassner
prestigious awards won by nobel peace prize 2 grammy awards emmy award 2 naacp image awards department of defe

-Nobel Peace Prize

-2 Grammy Awards

-Emmy Award

-2 NAACP Image Awards

-Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service

- John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award


Kamala Harris
born in ca dr ellen ochoa was the first hispanic woman to go to space in 1993 she went on a nine day mission a
Born in CA, Dr. Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic woman to go to space. In 1993 she went on a nine-day mission aboard the space shuttle Discovery to study the Earth's ozone layer. Ochoa would later be recognized with NASA's highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal. #HHM
U.S. Army
read the incredible of retired sgt daniel cowart his silver star medal was upgraded to a distinguished service
Read the incredible #SoldierStory of retired Sgt. Daniel Cowart.

His Silver Star Medal was upgraded to a Distinguished Service Cross earlier this year.

#ArmyValues #ServeWithHonor
????Sandra ن
obama got the pentagons medal for distinguished public service i wonder what sec ashton carter is really think
Obama got the Pentagon’s medal for distinguished public service 🙄
I wonder what Sec Ashton Carter is really thinking

U.S. Army
william j donovan is the only american to have received the nations four highest awards the medal of honor the
#DYK William J. Donovan is the only American to have received the nation’s four highest awards: the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Security Medal. Learn more about "Wild Bill."

Seattle Seahawks
ive been blessed with this platformwhy cant i use it for the betterment of people who dont have those resource
"I’ve been blessed with this platform..Why can’t I use it for the betterment of people who don’t have those resources?"

receives MLK Medal of Distinguished Service.

📰 |
U.S. Dept of Defense
45 years after jose rodelas actions in earned him the distinguished service cross his medal was upgraded to t
#MedalofHonorMonday : 45 years after Jose Rodela’s actions in#Vietnam earned him the Distinguished Service Cross, his medal was upgraded to the#MOH for his heroism above and beyond the call of duty. #KnowYourMil
w my friend retired us army reserve maj gen evan curly hultman in 1984 president reagan awarded him the distin
w/ my friend Retired U.S. Army Reserve Maj. Gen. Evan “Curly” Hultman. In 1984 President Reagan awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal. Curly Hultman served 4 years as Iowa attorney…
NASA History Office
1963 astronauts cooper grissom slayton schirra carpenter shepard amp their spouses visit president amp mrs ken
#OTD 1963: astronauts Cooper, Grissom, Slayton, Schirra, Carpenter, Shepard, & their spouses visit President & Mrs. Kennedy in the White House. The President had just awarded astronaut Cooper the Distinguished Service Medal for the last Mercury mission. Pic courtesy @JFKLibrary
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