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Darren McCaffrey
germans deputy foreign minister brexit is a big shitshow i say that now very undiplomatically 90 cabinet no id
🇩🇪German’s Deputy Foreign Minister:

🥊“Brexit is a big shitshow, I say that now very undiplomatically”

🥊“90%” cabinet “no idea how workers think, live, work and behave”
🥊Politicians “born with silver spoons in their mouths, who went to private schools” that will not suffer
Department of State
this morning welcomed s deputy prime minister to the state department
This morning, @SecPompeo welcomed #Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister @matteosalvinimi to the State Department. @ItalyMFA @AmbasciataUSA @ItalyinUS
James O'Brien
when the deputy prime minister of ireland accuses fairly amp accurately john humphrys of being a spokesman for
When the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland accuses - fairly & accurately - John Humphrys of being a spokesman for Boris Johnson you have to wonder how low has to go before action is taken.
Channel 4 News
it will be a tory government that is blamed for what we are talking about today i will have no part of it form
"It will be a Tory government that is blamed for what we are talking about today. I will have no part of it."

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Heseltine, says the proposed Brexit deal will "make this country poorer".
Narendra Modi
i congratulate shri ji and ji on taking oath as chief minister and deputy chief minister of karnataka my best
I congratulate Shri Ji and Ji on taking oath as Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka. My best wishes for their tenure ahead.
Julia Macfarlane
state of the uk govt right now foreign sec gaffe may cost uk citizen extra 5 years in iran jail minister under
State of the UK Govt right now:

Foreign Sec gaffe may cost UK citizen extra 5 years in Iran jail

Minister under fire for meeting w Netanyahu brokered by lobbyist without telling FCO

Deputy PM under investigation for extreme porn

Defence Sec quit amid sex misconduct claims
Department of State
special representative elliott abrams will meet with russian deputy foreign minister ryabkov and other russian
Special Representative Elliott Abrams will meet with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov and other Russian officials in Rome March 18-19 to discuss the deteriorating situation in #Venezuela. S/R Abrams will also meet with Italian Prime Minister Diplomatic Advisor Benassi.
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