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Daily Caller
state department identifies 30 security incidents related to hillarys email server
Pamela Geller
this is really big state department identifies 23 violations multiple security incidents concerning criminal c
“This is really big”: State Department identifies 23 violations, ‘multiple security incidents’ concerning criminal Clinton: More classified intel violations. Where are the indictments?
FOX40 News
breaking according to an internal sacramento police department memo obtained by fox40 the officer hit by gunfi
BREAKING: According to an internal Sacramento Police Department memo obtained by FOX40 the officer hit by gunfire in North Sacramento has died. The memo identifies her as Officer Tara O’Sullivan:
Jake Tapper
defense department identifies navy seal killed in somalia
Defense Department identifies Navy SEAL killed in Somalia -
CNN Politics
fbi director christopher wray says the justice department ig report did not find any evidence of political bia
FBI Director Christopher Wray says the Justice Department IG report “did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations impacting the investigation under review,” although it identifies “errors of judgement”
Noticiero de Verdad
treasury identifies the venezuelan defense and security sector as subject to sanctions and further targets ven
Treasury Identifies the Venezuelan Defense and Security Sector as Subject to Sanctions and Further Targets Venezuelan Oil Moving to Cuba | U.S. Department of the Treasury
ABC News
@ABC 3 months
new defense department identifies three us marines killed in roadside bomb attack in afghanistan cpl robert a
NEW: Defense Department identifies three U.S. Marines killed in roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan:

-Cpl. Robert A. Hendriks, 25
-Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines, 31
-Staff Sgt. Christopher K.A. Slutman, 43
ABC News
@ABC 2 years
new department of defense identifies three us service members killed in weekend attack by afghan soldier
NEW: Department of Defense identifies three U.S. service members killed in weekend attack by Afghan soldier
just in faulkner county sheriff s department identifies deputy in small dog shooting as keenan wallace a k 9 h
JUST IN: Faulkner County Sheriff's Department identifies deputy in small dog shooting as Keenan Wallace, a K-9 handler. What authorities are saying about the incident so far:
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