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Benjy Sarlin
im not sure its possible to capture an entire era in one image but dennis rodman running a cryptocurrency grif
I’m not sure it’s possible to capture an entire era in one image, but Dennis Rodman running a cryptocurrency grift on live TV from the North Korea summit while wearing a MAGA is a serious nominee
Bleacher Report
ric flair teared up when everybody came to to his surprise 70th birthday party todd gurley charles barkley den
Ric Flair teared up when EVERYBODY came to to his surprise 70th birthday party

- Todd Gurley
- Charles Barkley
- Dennis Rodman
- Triple H
- Chris Jericho
- Evander Holyfield
- Many more

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Donald J. Trump
dennis rodman was either drunk or on drugs delusional when he said i wanted to go to north korea with him glad
Dennis Rodman was either drunk or on drugs (delusional) when he said I wanted to go to North Korea with him. Glad I fired him on Apprentice!
Bleacher Report
dennis rodmans reaction to joel embiid saying mj is not the goat youre doing a great job for your little islan
Dennis Rodman’s reaction to Joel Embiid saying MJ is not the GOAT:

“You’re doing a great job for your little island or country where you’re from. Shut the f--k up, go do your goddamn job”

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Bleacher Report
dennis rodman draws the lines between mj and lebron
Dennis Rodman draws the lines between MJ and LeBron.
John Cleese
if president trump is telling all his intelligence experts that they are wrong and since he does not read his
If 'President' Trump is telling all his Intelligence experts that they are wrong, and since he does not read his Intelligence Briefings, where is he getting all his information from ?

Putin ? Hannity ? Roger Stone ? Fox News ? The National Inquirer ? Dennis Rodman ? Kim K ?
Charles V Payne
i was toggling channels and caught dennis rodman last night i m embarrassed to say i viewed him completely wro
I was toggling channels and caught Dennis Rodman last night. I'm embarrassed to say I viewed him completely wrong. my admiration for the selfless hard-working basketball player extends to the man off court too
ian bremmer
dennis rodman arrives in singapore for the trump kim summit in a t shirt promoting a cannabis cryptocurrency w
Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit in a T-shirt promoting a cannabis cryptocurrency.

We’ve reached peak 2018.
Chelsea Handler
im not surprised trump confused the name of paradise california hes all over the place he doesnt know whether
I’m not surprised Trump confused the name of Paradise, California. He’s all over the place. He doesn’t know whether The White House is the Kremlin, Ivanka is Melania, or Ben Carson is Dennis Rodman.
Arash Markazi
a quick trip to atlanta for ric flairs surprise 70th birthday party the guest list includes ricky the dragon s
A quick trip to Atlanta for Ric Flair’s surprise 70th birthday party. The guest list includes Ricky “The DragonSteamboat, Triple H, Shane McMahon, Charles Barkley, Todd Gurley, Evander Holyfield, Dennis Rodman, Chris Jericho, The Nasty Boys, Brad Nessler and like everyone else.
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