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Stephen Colbert
let he who is without a fetish for being spanked by a porn star with a magazine featuring you on the cover amp
Let he who is without a fetish for being spanked by a porn star with a magazine featuring you on the cover & then ask a lawyer set up a shell corp in Delaware to secretly pay hush money to hide your infidelity & the news leaks as you speak at a Pro-Life march cast the first stone
Kamala Harris
thinking of and the entire biden family today beau biden was my friend we were ags together and you couldnt fi
Thinking of @JoeBiden, @DrBiden and the entire Biden family today. Beau Biden was my friend. We were AGs together, and you couldn’t find a person who cared more deeply for his family, the nation he served, and the state of Delaware. Four years after his passing, I still miss him.
Bernie Sanders
average annual interest rates on payday loans delaware 521 idaho 652 nevada 652 texas 661 utah 652 wisconsin 5
Average annual interest rates on payday loans:

Delaware: 521%
Idaho: 652%
Nevada: 652%
Texas: 661%
Utah: 652%
Wisconsin: 574%

It's time to end exploitative lending that keeps Americans trapped in debt. We will cap interest rates on consumer loans and credit cards at 15%.
NBC News
pennsylvania is poised to become the third state after new jersey and delaware to ban child marriage with no e
Pennsylvania is poised to become the third state, after New Jersey and Delaware, to ban child marriage — with no exceptions.
Donald J. Trump
thank you delaware trump2016 makeamericagreatagain trumptrain
Donald J. Trump
thank you delaware county ohio remember either we win this election or we are going to lose this country
Thank you Delaware County, Ohio! Remember- either we WIN this election, or we are going to LOSE this country!…
TicToc by Bloomberg
here are the states suing trump over his us mexico border plan california nevada colorado connecticut delaware
Here are the states suing Trump over his U.S.-Mexico border plan:

- California
- Nevada
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- Hawaii
- Illinois
- Maine
- Maryland
- Michigan
- Minnesota
- New Jersey
- New Mexico
- New York
- Oregon
- Virginia
Katty Kay
in past few days russian jets buzz us ship in black sea deploys spy ship off delaware launches cruise missile
In past few days Russian jets buzz US ship in Black Sea, deploys spy ship off Delaware, launches cruise missile. Reaction from Trump? Zero.
Matthew Yglesias
its just a local da race but also queens has more people than new mexico nebraska west virginia idaho hawaii n
It’s just a local DA race but also Queens has more people than New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, or Wyoming.

(Fewer senators though)
Nate Silver
my view dc statehood puerto rico statehood merge the dakotas into 1 state annex delaware into pennsylvania sta
My view:
* DC statehood
* Puerto Rico statehood
* Merge the Dakotas into 1 state
* Annex Delaware into Pennsylvania
Stay at 50 states!
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