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Adam Schiff
if barr thinks mueller could have accused trump of a crime then sdny prosecutors should stop being coy about i
If Barr thinks Mueller could have accused Trump of a crime, then SDNY prosecutors should stop being coy about “Individual 1” and announce whether Trump should be charged with campaign finance fraud.

Michael Cohen + David Pecker + recording + reimbursement checks = indictment.
Ari Melber
the former us attorney for sdny just told us the sdny could cancel david peckers immunity deal and the sdny ma
The former U.S. Attorney for SDNY just told us the SDNY could cancel David Pecker’s immunity deal — and the SDNY may legally indict a sitting President. 🚨
Emily Jane Fox
new sam nunberg and michael cohen recalled david pecker meeting with trump in 2015 in trump tower where they t
New: Sam Nunberg and Michael Cohen recalled David Pecker meeting with Trump in 2015 in Trump Tower, where they talked about what the Enquirer/Epstein may have had on Prince Andrew and President Clinton
Stephen Colbert
amazon suggestion for david pecker because you considered blackmailing the richest man who ever lived we recom
Amazon Suggestion for David Pecker:
Because you considered "Blackmailing the Richest Man Who Ever Lived," we recommend you "Get an Orange Jumpsuit."
NBC News
donald trump was the third person in the room in aug 2015 when michael cohen and national enquirer publisher d
Donald Trump was the third person in the room in Aug. 2015 when Michael Cohen and National Enquirer publisher David Pecker discussed ways Pecker could help counter negative stories about Trump's relationships with women, has confirmed.
Bill Maher
this david pecker is such a scumbag i ve read the enquirer forever cuz its funny not intentionally and it expo
This David Pecker is such a scumbag. I've read The Enquirer forever cuz its funny (not intentionally) and it exposes the powerful - that they were doing the opposite, covering for the powerful, is a shameful betrayal of their essential sleaziness!
@MSNBC 10 months
just in wsj reports that david pecker ceo and chairman of ami provided information to prosecutors about paymen
JUST IN: WSJ reports that David Pecker, CEO and Chairman of AMI, provided information to prosecutors about payments Michael Cohen made to women who alleged sexual encounters with President Trump and about Trump's knowledge of those deals.
The Wall Street Jour
federal prosecutors granted immunity to david pecker ceo of national enquirer publisher and longtime trump fri
Federal prosecutors granted immunity to David Pecker, CEO of National Enquirer publisher and longtime Trump friend, in Cohen investigation
Rebecca Ballhaus
david pecker chairman of the publisher of the national enquirer provided prosecutors with details about paymen
David Pecker, chairman of the publisher of the National Enquirer, provided prosecutors with details about payments Michael Cohen arranged with women who alleged sexual encounters with Trump—including Trump’s knowledge of the deals.
Tom Winter
the wall street journal has previously reported that donald trump was the third person in the room with david
The Wall Street Journal has previously reported that Donald Trump was the third person in the room with David Pecker and Michael Cohen when possible payments to women were discussed in August of 2015, NBC News has now also confirmed that reporting:
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