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during his personal campaign to salvage the iran nuclear deal kerry is said to have met with iran foreign mini
During his personal campaign to salvage the Iran nuclear deal, Kerry is said to have met with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the UN in NY in late April 2018. Current SecState Mike Pompeo termed Kerry’s meeting “beyond inappropriate” (3/3).
Nahal Toosi
secstate mike pompeo just announced that hes lifting the state departments hiring freeze so bureaus can start
SecState Mike Pompeo () just announced that he’s lifting the State Department’s hiring freeze. So bureaus can start hiring again at “current funding levels.”
Seung Min Kim
mcconnell meets with secstate pick mike pompeo today his mastery of the myriad threats confronting us and dete
McConnell meets with SecState pick Mike Pompeo today:

“His mastery of the myriad threats confronting us, and determination to meet those challenges with the strength, intellect and insight he brought to his current position was reassuring."
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