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ian bremmer
copley square in boston right now you d think it was the inauguration
Copley Square in Boston right now.
You'd think it was the inauguration.
Judd Legum
stunning scene at copley square in boston massive protest against trump s executive order
Stunning scene at Copley Square in Boston.

Massive protest against Trump's executive order.
tomorrow wed at 1 30pm employees will stage a walkout at their back bay hq and gather in copley square to prot
Tomorrow (Wed) at 1:30pm, @Wayfair employees will stage a walkout at their Back Bay HQ and gather in Copley Square to protest Wayfair’s decision to sell furniture to the operators of the migrant detention camps along the southern border.

@wayfairwalkout #wayfairwalkout
Ed Markey
this is a no matter what tries to peddle 20k strong in boston s copley square protesting
This is a #MuslimBan no matter what “#alternativefacts” tries to peddle. 20K strong in Boston's Copley Square protesting!
ABC News Politics
large crowd gathers in boston s copley square in protest of pres trump s immigration order
Large crowd gathers in Boston's Copley Square in protest of Pres. Trump's immigration order
The Boston Globe
the scene from copley square just now patriots parade
The scene from Copley Square just now. #Patriots #parade
The Spectator Index
image protests in copley square boston against trump s executive orders
IMAGE: Protests in Copley Square, Boston, against Trump's executive orders
The Boston Globe
photo thousands filled copley square on sunday to protest president trump s immigration ban live updates
PHOTO: Thousands filled Copley Square on Sunday to protest President Trump's immigration ban. Live updates:
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