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Darren Rovell
in 2005 a man happily accepted the job to be an assistant coach for a summer basketball team in oklahoma it pa
In 2005, a man happily accepted the job to be an assistant coach for a summer basketball team in Oklahoma. It paid $43 a day. To earn it, he would have to coach, wash the uniforms and drive the team to games. Tonight, Nick Nurse is the coach of the NBA Champions.
Bleacher Report
nick nurse has been grinding for almost 30 years it paid off youngest us college coach 11 years in europe play
Nick Nurse has been grinding for almost 30 years.

It paid off.

◻️Youngest US college coach
◻️11 years in Europe
◻️Player-coach in British League
◻️Helped found G-League team
◻️G-League head coach
◻️Raptors assistant
◻️Raptors head coach
◻️NBA champion
Rachel Nichols
just ran into raptors coach nick nurse at summer league he told me he was watching a prince impersonator at th
Just ran into Raptors Coach Nick Nurse at Summer League - he told me he was watching a Prince impersonator at the Tropicana when the text came in about Kawhi choosing the Clippers. He said he read it, shrugged and figured he might as well stay & enjoy the rest of the show.
Simon Ostler
just when you think you cant love this team anymore coach nick nurse does this wethenorth raptors
Just when you think you can’t love this team anymore, Coach Nick Nurse does this. #WeTheNorth @Raptors
Tim and Sid
your nba champion head coach nick nurse is performing with the arkellsmusic as we speak via scooterjb101 ig
Your NBA champion head coach Nick Nurse is performing with the @arkellsmusic AS WE SPEAK.

(Via - scooterjb101/IG)
Adrian Wojnarowski
the toronto raptors are hiring assistant nick nurse as the franchise s new head coach league sources tell espn
The Toronto Raptors are hiring assistant Nick Nurse as the franchise's new head coach, league sources tell ESPN. Sides are working through details of contract now.
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masai ujiri runs the raptors with no fear its paying off in the past year fired coach of the year dwane casey
Masai Ujiri runs the Raptors with no fear. It’s paying off.

In the past year:
◻️ Fired Coach of the Year Dwane Casey

◻️ Hired Nick Nurse (no NBA HC experience)

◻️ Traded franchise player (DeRozan)

◻️ Gambled on Kawhi

◻️ Dealt for Marc Gasol at deadline
ESPN Stats & Info
nick nurse is the 3rd rookie coach in the last 5 seasons to win an nba title steve kerr in 2015 and tyronn lue
Nick Nurse is the 3rd rookie coach in the last 5 seasons to win an NBA title (Steve Kerr in 2015 and Tyronn Lue in 2016).

Before this stretch, it hadn’t happened since Pat Riley in 1982 with the Lakers.
Meagan Fitzpatrick
nick nurse named head coach of canadas mens basketball team he says hes humbled and honoured
Nick Nurse named head coach of Canada’s men’s basketball team. He says he’s humbled and honoured
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