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ABC News
@ABC 1 year
cash the husky finally met his arch nemesis on a beautiful sunny day in clarksville tennessee an inflatable un
Cash the Husky finally met his arch-nemesis on a beautiful, sunny day in Clarksville, Tennessee: An inflatable unicorn pool raft.
breaking vanderbilt pitcher and clarksville native donny everett drowned at a coffee county lake on thursday
Breaking: Vanderbilt pitcher and Clarksville native Donny Everett drowned at a Coffee County Lake on Thursday.
@KWWL 1 year
breaking clarksville native maddie poppe is named american idol winner
BREAKING: Clarksville native Maddie Poppe is named American Idol winner
ABC News
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ice ice baby tow boats on the upper mississippi river struggle to move barges through thick ice near clarksvil
"Ice, ice baby." Tow boats on the upper Mississippi River struggle to move barges through thick ice near Clarksville, Missouri.
eight students were named champions in the national spelling bee after exhausting the entire word list includi
Eight students were named champions in the National Spelling Bee after exhausting the entire word list, including 13-year-old Saketh Sundar from Clarksville, Maryland.

Congrats to all the winners. 💯
World News Tonight
a clarksville police department detective was walking back into the station when a canada goose jumped on him
A Clarksville Police Department detective was walking back into the station when a Canada goose jumped on him, sending him scrambling
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new show added clarksville tn i will see you on 9 30 at o connors irish pub get your tickets here
NEW SHOW ADDED! Clarksville, TN 🎸 I will see you on 9/30 at O'Connors Irish Pub! Get your tickets here -
American Idol
maddiepoppe s hometown of clarksville iowa packed the fairgrounds to show love for their idol americanidol
.@MaddiePoppe's hometown of Clarksville, Iowa PACKED the fairgrounds to show love for their Idol! ❤️#AmericanIdol
NWS Tornado
tornado warning including columbia md clarksville md pine orchard md until 4 00 pm edt
Tornado Warning including Columbia MD, Clarksville MD, Pine Orchard MD until 4:00 PM EDT
NWS Nashville
tornado reported to have it clarksville several homes heavily damaged
Tornado reported to have it Clarksville. Several homes heavily damaged.
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