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Jennifer Jacobs
scoop trump has offered the post of us ambassador to china to iowa gov terry branstad 3 people close to the ma
Scoop: Trump has offered the post of U.S. ambassador to China to Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, 3 people close to the matter tell me.
donald trump picks iowa governor terry branstad as ambassador to china
Jennifer Jacobs
new iowa gov terry branstad a longtime friend of chinese president xi jinping is frontrunner for us ambassador
NEW: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, a longtime friend of Chinese President Xi Jinping, is frontrunner for U.S. ambassador to China, I'm told.
Demetri Sevastopulo
white house immigration hawk stephen miller pressed donald trump to deny student visas to all chinese national
#Scoop White House immigration hawk Stephen Miller pressed Donald Trump to deny student visas to all Chinese nationals, but was beaten back by US ambassador to China Terry Branstad. ( & )
ABC News Politics
just in donald trump selects iowa gov terry branstad for us ambassador to china trump transition spokesperson
JUST IN: Donald Trump selects Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad for US Ambassador to China, Trump transition spokesperson Jason Miller says.
Ken Juster
true pleasure to meet with kono taro foreign minister of japan in the company of and terry branstad us ambassa
True pleasure to meet with Kono Taro, Foreign Minister of Japan, in the company of , , and Terry Branstad, U.S. Ambassador to China. Engaging discussion about the Indo-Pacific region.
Ben Jacobs
former ia governor and current us ambassador to china terry branstad made a 1000 donation to s primary opponen
Former IA Governor and current US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad made a $1000 donation to 's primary opponent
china s ministry of foreign affairs summons us ambassador to china terry branstad to protest the arrest of cfo
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad to protest the arrest of #Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities, which took place at the request of the United States
CNN Breaking News
donald trump offers iowa gov terry branstad the post of us ambassador to china sources tell cnn
Donald Trump offers Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad the post of US ambassador to China, sources tell CNN.
NYT Politics
iowa governor terry branstad an old friend of the chinese people is donald trumps pick as ambassador to china
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, “an old friend of the Chinese people,” is Donald Trump’s pick as ambassador to China
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