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Laura Kuenssberg
this is rather interesting arlene foster and nigel dodds and their spouses had dinner with the mays and stayed
This is rather interesting... Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds and their spouses had dinner with the Mays and stayed at Chequers last Friday
Robert Peston
downing street refuses to answer when cabinet will decide what kind of long term trading relationship to negot
Downing Street refuses to answer when Cabinet will decide what kind of long-term trading relationship to negotiate after 29 March 2019 - whether a free trade deal similar to Canada's or something closer to May's Chequers plan. So it confirms this is now a pretty blind Brexit
Andrew Neil
@afneil 10 months
a new story about terrible consequences of brexit with no deal now appearing on average every 12 hours some ar
A new story about terrible consequences of Brexit with no deal now appearing on average every 12 hours. Some are genuinely worrying, some clearly drivel. But I’m told government behind a number of them to dragoon Tory MPs behind Chequers Agreement. Surely not.
Beth Rigby
new told cabinet very split may got it through on majority told that nearly 10 cabinet ministers opposed mood
NEW: told cabinet very split. May got it through on majority. Told that nearly 10 cabinet ministers opposed. Mood worse than after Chequers then? “Yeah, much much worse”
following rejection of chequers plan brexiteers say they re shocked and angry at eu leaders continuing to say
Following rejection of Chequers plan, Brexiteers say they're shocked and angry at EU leaders continuing to say precisely the same things they've been saying about Brexit for the last two years.
Faisal Islam
latest pm its my chequers deal or no deal tusk eu27 agree chequers will not work dutch pm netherlands is more
#Salzburg latest

PM: it’s my Chequers Deal or No Deal
Tusk: EU27 agree Chequers “will not work”
Dutch PM: Netherlands is more prepared than UK for No Deal
French PRes: UK politicos who sold Brexit are “liars”

The hills are indeed alive...
George Parker
the fact that cabinet ministers are briefing the bbc that they didn t much like the chequers plan in july but
The fact that cabinet ministers are briefing the BBC that they didn't much like the Chequers plan in July (but signed it off and have sat in the cabinet for four months since that meeting) might give a clue to how much backbone they are likely to have in the days ahead
ex minister steve baker claims 80 mps will reject pms chequers deal as it s not as good for britain as the pla
Ex-Minister Steve Baker claims 80 MPs will reject PM’s Chequers deal as it's not as good for Britain as the plan they haven’t come up with yet.
Laura Kuenssberg
source either she dumps chequers or another minister will go then another then another then another
Source-‘either she dumps Chequers or another Minister will go, then another, then another, then another’
Nadine Dorries
from a leading qc interpreting the phrase the common rulebook every person who voted to leave should read this
From a leading QC interpreting the phrase, ‘the common rulebook.’ Every person who voted to leave should read this and understand its meaning - the Chequers proposal is to remain in the EU and we will be in a far worse position, than we are now. #Catastrophe
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