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rip carrie fisher
@CNN 1 week
west hollywood officials want to remove president trump s star on the walk of fame and mark hamill says he kno
West Hollywood officials want to remove President Trump's star on the Walk of Fame, and Mark Hamill says he knows who should get one instead: his late "Star Wars" co-star Carrie Fisher
@people 2 years
iconic star wars actress carrie fisher dies at 60
Iconic Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dies at 60
Anna Kendrick
no no fuck this shit carrie fisher is a fucking legend and this is bullshit
No. No. Fuck this shit. Carrie Fisher is a fucking legend and this is bullshit.
@CNN 2 years
breaking actress debbie reynolds has died at age 84 one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away reyno
BREAKING: Actress Debbie Reynolds has died at age 84, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away, Reynolds' son tells CNN.
Ellen DeGeneres
i can t imagine what carrie fisher and debbie reynolds family are going through this week i send all of my lov
I can't imagine what Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' family are going through this week. I send all of my love.
BBC Breaking News
actress carrie fisher who played princess leia in the star wars films dies at the age of 60
Actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, dies at the age of 60
The Academy
thank you carrie fisher for all that you ve given us you ll be missed
Thank you Carrie Fisher for all that you've given us. You'll be missed.
Anna Kendrick
carrie fisher wore glitter in her hair when i said i liked it she ran her fingers through it and lobbed a hand
Carrie Fisher wore glitter in her hair. When I said I liked it, she ran her fingers through it and lobbed a handful at me. #TheGreatest 💔
Lost In History
rest in peace carrie fisher a legend has gone with the force ripcarriefisher
Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. A legend has gone with the Force. #RIPCarrieFisher
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