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The Int'l Spectator
oldest cities in the world 1 jericho palestinian ter 2 byblos lebanon 3 aleppo syria 4 damascus syria 5 susa i
Oldest cities in the world.

1. Jericho, Palestinian Ter.
2. Byblos, Lebanon
3. Aleppo, Syria
4. Damascus, Syria
5. Susa, Iran
6. Faiyum, Egypt
7. Sidon, Lebanon
8. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
9. Gaziantep, Turkey
10. Beirut, Lebanon


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Pope Francis
i ask you to accompany with your prayers my journey to bulgaria and north macedonia which i begin tomorrow as
I ask you to accompany with your prayers my journey to Bulgaria and North Macedonia, which I begin tomorrow as a pilgrim of peace and fraternity. #ApostolicJourney
Charlie Bilello, CMT
negative bond yields through 30 yrs switzerland 15 yrs germany netherlands 10 yrs japan denmark austria finlan
Negative Bond Yields through...
30 yrs: Switzerland
15 yrs: Germany, Netherlands
10 yrs: Japan, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden
9 yrs: France, Belgium
8 yrs: Slovakia
7 yrs: Ireland, Slovenia
6 yrs: Spain
5 yrs: Portugal
3 yrs: Malta, Bulgaria
1 yr: Italy
Justin Trudeau
canadians mourn today with the family and loved ones of the canadian soldier killed in a training exercise in
Canadians mourn today with the family and loved ones of the Canadian soldier killed in a training exercise in Bulgaria yesterday. Bombardier Patrick Labrie’s brave service to our country will not be forgotten.
Israel Defense Force
hezbollah won t stop in the uk just like it didn t stop in israel or the usa or france or bulgaria or cyprus o
Hezbollah won't stop in the UK
just like it didn't stop in Israel
or the USA
or France
or Bulgaria
or Cyprus
or Argentina
or Venezuela
or Colombia
or Syria
or Yemen
or Peru
or Chile
or Congo

Iran's proxy Hezbollah won't stop until it's stopped.
Europe Elects
eu28 kantar poll european union membership referendum remain ireland 91 netherlands 91 sweden 89 spain 88 germ
EU28, Kantar poll:

European Union Membership Referendum

% Remain

Ireland 91%
Netherlands 91%
Sweden 89%
Spain 88%
Germany 89%
Belgium 87%
Portugal 92%
Greece 75%
Bulgaria 83%
France 74%
Estonia 89%
Slovakia 86%
Italy 72%
Hungary 81%
Denmark 86%
Poland 89%
Romania 89%

The Int'l Spectator
percentage of population killed in world war i serbia 167 ottoman empire 136 romania 77 france 43 austria hung
Percentage of population killed in World War I:

Serbia: 16.7%
Ottoman Empire: 13.6%
Romania: 7.7%
France: 4.3%
Austria-Hungary: 3.5%
Bulgaria: 3.4%
Germany: 3.4%
Greece: 3.2%
Italy: 2.9%
Britain: 1.9%
Russia: 1.7%
Portugal: 1.5%
Australia: 1.2%
US: 0.1%
Shah Rukh Khan
day off in bulgariahav lil to do except teasing u all the raees teaser hope u lik it
Day off in Bulgaria.Hav lil to do except teasing u all. The Raees teaser. hope u lik it
U.S. Dept of Defense
get fired up bulgarian amp serbian soldiers participate in a culminating live fire during exercise in shabla b
Get fired up! 💥

@USArmy 🇺🇸, Bulgarian 🇧🇬, & Serbian 🇷🇸 soldiers participate in a culminating live fire during exercise #Shabla19 in Shabla, Bulgaria, designed to improve readiness & interoperability between Bulgarian forces & @USArmyEuropeEurope.
Cristiano Ronaldo
hello bulgaria tomorrow well face ludogorets for the champions league halamadrid
Hello Bulgaria!
Tomorrow we’ll face Ludogorets for the Champions League. #HalaMadrid   ...
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