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Joy Reid
patrick dorismond had no drugs amadou diallo had a wallet michael brown was unarmed philando castile had a per
Patrick Dorismond had no drugs
Amadou Diallo had a wallet
Michael Brown was unarmed
Philando Castile had a permit
Tamir Rice had a toy
John Crawford III had a toy IN THE TOY AISLE
Alton Sterling was pinned
Freddie Gray was just riding his bike
Miriam Carey's baby was in the car
Andy Richter
i like brown rice and appreciate that its more healthy than white but sometimes i forget to start cooking it 7
I like brown rice, and appreciate that it’s more healthy than white, but sometimes I forget to start cooking it 72 hours before we want to eat it
Zach Berman
sproles is also aware of his place in nfl history he s no 6 in nfl history but he s only 182 yards behind tim
Sproles is also aware of his place in NFL history. He's No. 6 in NFL history, but he's only 182 yards behind Tim Brown on the all-time list. He wants to get in the top five. The other 4 in the top five? Jerry Rice, Brian Mitchell, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith
Millennial Politics
the world through gop glasses trump jr 39 just a kid papadopalous 29 just a kid tamir rice 12 thug michael bro
The world through GOP glasses:

Trump Jr- 39, "Just a kid"
Papadopalous- 29, "Just a kid"

Tamir Rice- 12, "Thug"
Michael Brown- 18, "Thug"
Central Park Five- 15, "Gang"
Roy Moore's victim- 14, "Consented"
Bernie Sanders
michael brown eric garner walter scott freddie gray sandra bland tamir rice samuel dubose rekia boyd and too m
Hayes Grier
burrito bowl brown rice half chicken half steak mild salsa lettuce cheese corn salsa guacamole chips w hot sal
Burrito bowl
Brown rice
Half chicken / Half steak
Mild salsa
Corn salsa
Chips w hot salsa
Sweet Tea
Brian M. Rosenthal
michael brown no indictment eric garner no indictment freddie gray hung jury sandra bland no indictment tamir
Michael Brown: No indictment
Eric Garner: No indictment
Freddie Gray: Hung jury
Sandra Bland: No indictment
Tamir Rice: No indictment
Bernie Sanders
michael brown eric garner jessica hernandez freddie gray sandra bland tamir rice samuel dubose rekia boyd and
Elizabeth Warren
sandra bland freddie gray michael brown walter scott tamir rice eric garner now alton sterling amp philando ca
Sandra Bland. Freddie Gray. Michael Brown. Walter Scott. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. Now Alton Sterling & Philando Castile. #blacklivesmatter
Tommy Beer
odell beckham jr has played in 59 games in his nfl career career stats thru their first 59 games obj 5476 rece
Odell Beckham Jr. has played in 59 games in his NFL career.

Career stats thru their first 59 games:

OBJ: 5,476 receiving yards and 44 TD's
Jerry Rice: 4,852 yards, 49 TD's
Larry Fitz: 4,373 yards, 32 TD's
Calvin Johnson: 4,139 yards, 33 TD's
Antonio Brown: 4,072 yards, 20 TD's
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