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Andrew Neil
on 75th anniversary of d day time to debunk hollywood myth it was largely a us invasion force of 1213 warships
On 75th anniversary of D-Day, time to debunk Hollywood myth it was largely a US invasion force.
Of 1,213 warships involved, 892 were British/Canadian; only 200 US. Royal Navy in charge of Operation Neptune. Of 4,126 landing craft involved, 805 American, 3,261 British. 1/2
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the british navy uses britney spears songs to scare off somali pirates
The British Navy uses Britney Spears songs to scare off Somali pirates.
Caroline Lucas
the israeli navy has illegally detained 22 humanitarian volunteers including a british citizen my letter to th
The Israeli navy has illegally detained 22 humanitarian volunteers, including a British citizen. My letter to the FCO demanding their freedom & freedom for Gaza: #freedomflotilla
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training exercise a british royal navy hunter killer submarine breaches through a thick layer of ice during ar
TRAINING EXERCISE: A British Royal Navy hunter-killer submarine breaches through a thick layer of ice during Arctic exercises with the U.S. Navy.
british agents with the help of navy seabees quickly rounded up the islanders pet dogs gassing and burning the
“British agents, with the help of Navy Seabees, quickly rounded up the islanders’ pet dogs, gassing and burning them in sealed cargo sheds. They ordered … the remaining Chagossians onto overcrowded cargo ships." #Chagos #DiegoGarcia
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breaking officials say that a us surveillance aircraft recorded today s incident involving iranian vessels and
BREAKING: Officials say that a U.S. surveillance aircraft recorded today's incident involving Iranian vessels and a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf; the Iranian boats were reportedly warned to back away from the tanker by a Royal Navy frigate - CNN
Charles Lister
6 days after marines seized an tanker full of headed oil fast boats attempted to force a owned tanker british
6 days after #UK Marines seized an #Iran tanker full of #Syria-headed oil, #IRGC fast-boats attempted to force a -owned tanker ("British Heritage) into ian#Iranian waters.

With a US drone watching, the Royal Navy's HMS Montrose turned guns on boats, which soon backed off.
Daily Mail U.K.
iranian bomb boat is discovered in the path of royal navy destroyer sent to protect british vessels
Iranian 'bomb boat is discovered in the path of Royal Navy destroyer' sent to protect British vessels
U.S. Central Command
we are aware of the reports of islamic revolutionary guard corp navy s fac fiac harassment and attempts to int
"We are aware of the reports of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp Navy's FAC/FIAC harassment and attempts to interfere with the passage of the UK-flagged merchant vessel British Heritage today near the Strait of Hormuz.
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during the falklands war the british navy torpedoed and blew up three whales they mistook for argentinian subm
During the Falklands War, the British Navy torpedoed and blew up three whales they mistook for Argentinian submarines.
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