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Jon Sopel
interesting that british defence attache air vice marshall gavin parker is there at us military news conferenc
Interesting that British Defence Attaché, Air Vice Marshall, Gavin Parker, is there at US military news conference at Pentagon. Shows how coordinated this is
UK in Egypt
captain pedre of hms ocean amp british defence attache lay a wreath at the alexandria naval unknown soldier me
Captain Pedre of HMS Ocean & British Defence Attaché lay a wreath at the Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial
Reuters UK
russia calls in british defence attache over media reports on iraq jets
Russia calls in British defence attache over media reports on Iraq jets
Dr. Khalid Al-Obeidi
khalid al obeidi met with the outgoing british defence attache amp his successor
Khalid Al-Obeidi met with the outgoing British Defence Attache & his successor
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