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Jake Tapper
as the usa gets ready to vote i hope everyone back home exercises their right to vote we have far more as amer
"As the USA gets ready to vote, I hope everyone back home exercises their right to vote.... We have far more as Americans that unites us than divides us. United we stand, divided we fall. God Bless America.🇺🇲️👊🏻"

North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor’s last FB post

Jake Tapper
rip brent taylor who temporarily stepped down as north ogden mayor to deploy to afghanistan with the utah army
RIP Brent Taylor, who temporarily stepped down as North Ogden mayor to deploy to Afghanistan with the Utah Army National Guard and was KIA today
The Int'l Spectator
brent crude oil three months ago 61 one month ago 67 one week ago 71 now 75
Brent crude oil.

Three months ago: $61

One month ago: $67

One week ago: $71

Now: $75
warning to hillary clinton from brent budowsky
NYT Opinion
brent staples of the timess editorial board has won the pulitzer prize for editorial writing his writing sough
Brent Staples of The Times’s editorial board has won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing. His writing sought to show that the devaluation of black lives that led to slavery still haunts the United States. Here is a selection of 's editorials.
Salt Lake Tribune
brent taylor mayor of north ogden and a utah national guardsman has been killed in afghanistan in an apparent
Brent Taylor, mayor of North Ogden and a Utah National Guardsman, has been killed in Afghanistan in an apparent insider attack.

Taylor was deployed as part of an advisory team training staff in an Afghan commando battalion.
Jake Tapper
verified for the widow and seven children of brent taylor mayor of north ogden utah and a major in the nationa
Verified ⁦⁩ for the widow and seven children of Brent Taylor, Mayor of North Ogden, Utah and a Major in the National Guard, KIA in Afghanistan Saturday.
Chicago Blackhawks
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unconditionally the video directed by brent bonacorso w gowns by chanel dolce amp gabbana and wes gordon
Adrian Wojnarowski
the san antonio spurs are hiring brent barry a television analyst and 14 year nba veteran into a front office
The San Antonio Spurs are hiring Brent Barry, a television analyst and 14-year NBA veteran, into a front-office position, league sources tell ESPN.
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