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Adam Schiff
mike pence wont commit to refusing russian help in the next election brad parscale now trumps campaign manager
Mike Pence won’t commit to refusing Russian help in the next election.

Brad Parscale, now Trump’s campaign manager, denied the Russians even helped last time.

Trump’s GOP doesn’t consider making use of help from a foreign enemy to be collusion; to them it’s just good politics.
Mike Walker
brad parscale trumps campaign manager was on a trip to romania where he outlined a 1 billion dollar strategy t
Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, was on a trip to Romania, where he outlined a $1 billion dollar strategy to get the U.S. President re-elected in 2020.

Tom Winter
new special counsel robert mueller s office will get the following transcripts partial list from house intelli
NEW: Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Office will get the following transcripts (partial list) from House Intelligence:

- Jared Kushner
- Brad Parscale
- Jeff Sessions
- Alexander Nix
- Steve Bannon
- Hope Hicks
- Corey Lewandowski

Judd Legum
2 much of this spending is completely opaque over 8 million went to american made media consultants llc a firm
2. Much of this spending is completely opaque. Over $8 million went to American Made Media Consultants, LLC, a firm started last year by campaign manager Brad Parscale to buy ads and other stuff for the campaign.

Another $690,000 went to Parscale's personal consulting firm
NPR Politics
mueller s investigation found multiple trump campaign officials and surrogates shared content from a russian c
Mueller's investigation found multiple "Trump Campaign officials and surrogates" shared content from a Russian-controlled Twitter account, including:

-Donald Trump Jr.
-Eric Trump
-Kellyanne Conway
-Brad Parscale

Rebecca Ballhaus
the trump campaign has paid brad parscales firms more than 93 million since 2015 for digital consulting advert
The Trump campaign has paid Brad Parscale’s firms more than $93 million since 2015 for digital consulting + advertising, FEC records show.
i think that facebook twitter youtube all play with the algorithm to make it more biased against conservatives
"I think that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube all play with the algorithm to make it more biased against conservatives," Brad Parscale, President Trump's 2020 campaign manager, told FRONTLINE. Read & watch his extended interview:
Ali Velshi
breaking from mueller report the following people cited or retweeted russian influence efforts from ira russia
BREAKING from Mueller report: the following people cited or retweeted Russian influence efforts from IRA (Russian Internet Research Agency) account:
· Donald Trump, Jr.
· Eric Trump
· Kellyanne Conway
· Brad Parscale
· Michael Flynn
Lou Dobbs
four more years president selects digital guru brad parscale as his 2020 campaign manager earliest re election
Four More Years!- President selects digital guru Brad Parscale as his 2020 campaign manager. Earliest re-election bid ever! Join NOW on FBN. #Dobbs #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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