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Donald Trump Jr.
what does it say about the modern day democrat party that and seem more concerned about giving mass murderers
What does it say about the modern-day Democrat Party that @BernieSanders and @KamalaHarris seem more concerned about giving mass murderers like the Boston Marathon Bomber voting rights, than protecting the civil rights of law abiding American citizens who legally own guns?
Charlie Daniels
some people did some things muslims bombed boston marathon muslims flew planes into the pentagon muslims broug
Some people did some things
Muslims bombed Boston Marathon
Muslims flew planes into the Pentagon
Muslims brought down Pan Am flight 103 killing 243 passengers and 16 crew
Muslims killed 3000 people on 9-11 in 3 different instances
Yes Ms Omar, some people sure did do some things
Glenn Beck
things that have happened on april 15 the titanic sank lincoln died boston marathon bombings notre dame burned
Things that have happened on April 15:

- The Titanic sank
- Lincoln died
- Boston marathon bombings
- Notre Dame burned
Donald Trump Jr.
sanders s newest hire wrote he hoped the boston marathon bomber was white
Sanders's Newest Hire Wrote He Hoped the Boston Marathon Bomber Was White
Joe Scarborough
what an ignorant thing to say andrew mccabe served honorably in the fbi on the swat team fighting organized cr
What an ignorant thing to say.
Andrew McCabe served honorably in the FBI on the SWAT team, fighting organized crime, combating terrorism, investigating the Boston Marathon bombing and securing the arrest of the terrorist who conspired on the Benghazi attack. He is a hero.
Boston Police Dept.
missing person alert the boston police department is seeking the publics assistance to locate 10 year old fema
Missing Person Alert: The Boston Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance to locate 10-year-old female Sophia Mendez. She was last seen by the Boston Marathon Finish Line. She is slender build, 5'2” tall, and wearing the above pictured clothing.
Joe Scarborough
andrew mccabe thank your for keeping americans safe and your work bringing evil doers to justice in the boston
Andrew McCabe, thank your for keeping Americans safe and your work bringing evil doers to justice in the Boston Marathon bombing, for your tireless efforts in counterterrorism after 9/11 and your work in the ’s national security division. America thanks you! 🇺🇸
today we remember the victims of the boston marathon bombings cheer on the survivors and show our strength as
Today we remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, cheer on the survivors, and show our strength as a city on this Marathon Monday.
@CNN 1 day
sen bernie sanders says the right to vote should be extended even for terrible people like the boston marathon
Sen. Bernie Sanders says the right to vote should be extended 'even for terrible people' like the Boston Marathon bomber
Elizabeth Warren
the state department needs a leader who will prioritize diplomacy the current nominee mike pompeo has defended
The State Department needs a leader who will prioritize diplomacy. The current nominee, Mike Pompeo, has defended the use of torture, tried to undermine the Iran nuclear deal, and scapegoated Muslim Americans after the Boston Marathon bombing. I won’t vote to confirm him.
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