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AFP news agency
buddhist monks and devotees celebrate vesak day at indonesia s ancient borobudur temple
Buddhist monks and devotees celebrate Vesak Day at Indonesia's ancient Borobudur temple
Real Madrid C.F. ???
rmfans at borobudur in indonesia one of the world s largest temples and a world heritage site
#RMFans at Borobudur in Indonesia: one of the world's largest temples and a World Heritage Site.
@Google 3 years
crouching trekker hidden buddhas explore borobudur with streetview amp culturalinstitute
Christine Lagarde
at borobudur the largest buddhist temple of the world simply magnificent imfvti voyagetoindonesia
At Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple of the world. Simply magnificent. #IMF_VTI #VoyagetoIndonesia
The Jakarta Post
how borobudur temple affects tourism in magelang jakpost
How Borobudur temple affects tourism in Magelang #jakpost
BBC Earth
dawn mount merapi java can you spot borobudur worlds largest buddhist temple earthonlocation ironammonite
Dawn, Mount Merapi, Java. Can you spot Borobudur - worlds largest buddhist temple? #EarthOnLocation @iron_ammonite
doing rehearsal for grand launch at borobudur don t miss it guys besok jam 8 malam live di 12 tv nasional dan
Doing rehearsal for #VivoV9 Grand Launch at Borobudur. Don't miss it guys! BESOK jam 8 malam, live di 12 TV Nasional dan
Nat Geo Travel
weave your way around indonesia s borobudur the world s largest buddhist monument
Weave your way around Indonesia's Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist monument
AFP Photo Department
participants releasing lanterns over borobudur temple in magelang during vesak day celebrations by suryo wibow
Participants releasing lanterns over Borobudur temple in Magelang during Vesak Day celebrations By Suryo Wibowo #AFP
The Jakarta Post
mariah carey to hold concert at borobudur temple
Mariah Carey to hold concert at Borobudur temple
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