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Julia Gillard
bob hawke was the greatest peacetime leader australia has ever had as a teenager bob inspired me as a pm he gu
Bob Hawke was the greatest peacetime leader Australia has ever had.

As a teenager Bob inspired me, as a PM he guided me.

I will miss him. I wish so very much that Bob had been able to see one more election day.

My condolences to Blanche, his children and grandchildren.
Bill Clinton
even though i never had the chance to serve with him i always liked and admired bob hawke for his progressive
Even though I never had the chance to serve with him, I always liked and admired Bob Hawke for his progressive record and great sense of humor. My thoughts are with his family and the people of Australia.
Stephen Koukoulas
when bob hawke won in 1983 gdp growth was 23 yes that is a minus sign unemployment was 100 interest rates were
When Bob Hawke won in 1983, GDP growth was -2.3%; yes that is a minus sign
Unemployment was 10.0%
Interest rates were 10%
Inflation was 11.4%
This was the legacy of John Howard as Treasurer who somehow now claims to be a good economic manager
Alice Workman
the last photo of bob hawke taken on monday with billshortenmp
The last photo of Bob Hawke, taken on Monday with @billshortenmp
Kevin Rudd
bob hawke is a giant of australian politics he and paul keating internationalised the australian economy he es
Bob Hawke is a giant of Australian politics. He and Paul Keating internationalised the Australian economy. He established APEC and radically deepened Australia’s engagement with Asia. He established Medicare. Together with Therese and the entire nation, I mourn his passing.
Malcolm Turnbull
farewell bob hawke a great australian labor leader and reforming prime minister australia is a better place be
Farewell Bob Hawke a great Australian, Labor leader and reforming Prime Minister. Australia is a better place because of him. Lucy and I send our love and condolences to Blanche and all of his family.
Tanya Plibersek
today we lost an australian legend bob hawke changed everything for our nation and for bob you were big bold a
Today we lost an Australian legend.

Bob Hawke changed everything – for our nation, and for @AustralianLabor.

Bob - you were big, bold and brave.

Medicare, the economy, the Accord, the environment, Australia’s place in the world.
Tony Burke
the bob hawke i admired was the man who saved the franklin the daintree kakadu and protected antarctica from m
The Bob Hawke I admired was the man who saved the Franklin, the Daintree, Kakadu and protected Antarctica from mining. The Bob Hawke I befriended and laughed with every New Year’s Eve was a fellow music fan with Blanche every summer at Woodford Folk Festival. What a life!
Laura Tingle
to use a cricketing analogy which he would have liked he was the don bradman of australian politics there was
‘To use a cricketing analogy which he would have liked, he was the Don Bradman of Australian politics. There was no peer. He had his weaknesses which were very human but he made no secret of them, which endeared him to the Australian public’:Bill Hayden on Bob Hawke
Stephen Koukoulas
do you know why i have credibility because i don t exude morality bob hawke
"Do you know why I have credibility? Because I don't exude morality"
Bob Hawke
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