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Lawrence O'Donnell
house republicans impeached bill clinton then republicans won the house again in next election and republicans
House Republicans impeached Bill Clinton.

Then Republicans won the House again in next election.

And Republicans won the Senate again.

And Republicans won the White House.

It’s a political myth that the Clinton impeachment hurt Republicans.
David Corn
i m waiting for all those republicans who thought bill clinton should be impeached for lying about sex to weig
I'm waiting for all those Republicans who thought Bill Clinton should be impeached for lying about sex to weigh in on what to do about a president who allegedly conspired to violate federal law to hide a sex scandal.
Matt Viser
steve bannon is among other things calling the presidents son treasonous president trump says his former top a
Steve Bannon is, among other things, calling the president’s son “treasonous.”

President Trump says his former top adviser has “lost his mind."

Paul Manafort is suing Bob Mueller.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua is on fire.

It’s only the third day of 2018.
Joe Scarborough
if bill clinton or barack obama slandered the fbi or any law enforcement officers the way trump does conservat
If Bill Clinton or Barack Obama slandered the FBI or any law enforcement officers the way Trump does, conservatives would have raised holy hell. Now most are accomplices with their silence.
Good luck in 2018, boys.
are you effing kidding me facebook bans far right extremist louis farrakhan here s some iron clad evidence of
Are you effing kidding me?

Facebook bans “Far-right extremist Louis Farrakhan"


Here's some iron-clad evidence of where Farrakhan is on the political spectrum, idiots.

Yes, that is:

- Barrack Obama
- Eric Holder
- Bill Clinton
- Maxine Waters
Christopher Hayes
started laughing maniacally for a moment recalling the momentous scandal that was bill clinton hopping onto lo
Started laughing maniacally for a moment recalling the momentous scandal that was Bill Clinton hopping onto Loretta Lynch's plane for a chat.
Ezra Klein
that monopolies answer by warren in her cnn townhall was killer a master class is how to clearly explain a com
That monopolies answer by Warren in her CNN townhall was killer. A master class is how to clearly explain a complex policy that’s without collapsing into jargon.

The idea that Warren isn’t a charismatic speaker is insane. This is the stuff people gushed over Bill Clinton for.
Gov. Mike Huckabee
as governor i walked through tornado sites w pres bill clinton and he graciously posed for photos signed bible
As Governor, I walked through tornado sites w/ Pres Bill Clinton and he graciously posed for photos, signed Bibles and other things as ppl asked him to. No FAKE NEWS stories about it. does it and media freaks out. Get a life, media-and a real job just reporting.
Jake Tapper
can someone explain to me how one can think bill clinton meeting with loretta lynch on tarmac stinks a proposi
Can someone explain to me how one can think Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on tarmac stinks (a proposition i am not arguing) but *not* POTUS asking Comey for loyalty and asking McCabe for whom he voted? Thanks
@CNN 3 weeks
a prosecutor who helped investigate president bill clinton said congress should begin impeachment proceedings
A prosecutor who helped investigate President Bill Clinton said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, arguing that the Constitution empowers Congress to address the type of evidence found in the Mueller report
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