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Glitter Magazine
calling georgians nashgrier and bera meetup october 17th movietheatreamarani celeb news
Calling Georgians! @Nashgrier and Bera meetup October 17th #MovieTheatreAmarani. CELEB NEWS:
@UNICEF 3 years
a young girl at m bera refugee camp in mauritania lets make 2016 a better year for every child
A young girl at M'Bera refugee camp in #Mauritania. Let’s make 2016 a better year for every child.
@ANI_news 1 year
we found 5 pieces of gelignite on bokaro chandrapura raja bera railway track investigation has started dsp bok
We found 5 pieces of Gelignite on Bokaro-Chandrapura-Raja Bera railway track. Investigation has started: DSP Bokaro
Chad Pergram
nrcc begins targeting dems who voted against cr children s health bill last night nrcc says it will be a major
NRCC begins targeting Dems who voted against CR/children's health bill last night. NRCC says it "will be a major campaign issue." Targeting O'Halleran Bera Ruiz Loebsack Keating Kildee Nolan SeanPatrickMaloney Cartwright & PetersCA
now ap reports dem ami bera re elected to congress defeats sacramento co sheriff scott jones
NOW: AP reports Dem. Ami Bera re-elected to Congress, defeats Sacramento Co. Sheriff Scott Jones
ABC News
@ABC 2 years
democratic congressman ami bera wins close race in sacramento california area district
Democratic congressman Ami Bera wins close race in Sacramento, California-area district
Leeds United
pictured gaetano berardi in action for lufc under 23s at elland road tonight welcome back bera
Pictured: Gaetano Berardi in action for #lufc Under-23s at Elland Road tonight. Welcome back, Bera!
Chad Pergram
nrcc going after potentially vulnerable dems who voted against funding govt o halleran bera ruiz peters loebsa
NRCC going after potentially vulnerable Dems who voted against funding gov’t:
O'Halleran Bera Ruiz Peters Loebsack
Keating Kildee Nolan SeanPatrickMaloney Cartwright
Phil Willon
former northern california gop rep doug ose says he s running for california governor the sacramento native se
Former Northern California GOP Rep. Doug Ose says he's running for California governor. The Sacramento native served in congress from 1999-2005 and in 2014 tried, unsuccessfully, to unseat Democratic Rep. Ami Bera.
The Sacramento Bee
bera beats ose in high priced congressional race amibera dougose
Bera beats Ose in high-priced congressional race #AmiBera #DougOse
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