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Donald J. Trump
the only way to shut down the democrats new mob rule strategy is to stop them cold at the ballot box the fight
“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Ben Shapiro
Mark R. Levin
these media attacks on ben shapiro are sickening i hope the day is soon when buzzfeed goes out of business its
These media attacks on Ben Shapiro are sickening. I hope the day is soon when Buzzfeed goes out of business. It’s not a news operation. Time - again it shows itself as a sleazy smear operation.
Patton Oswalt
why does ben shapiro want to debate alexandria ocasio cortez hes not running for office he should debate me im
Why does Ben Shapiro want to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? He’s not running for office. He should debate me. I’m also a short clown no one takes seriously. #fun
Mehdi Hasan
this week gloriously ben shapiro amp meghan mccain both had embarrassing meltdowns in televised interviews tha
This week, gloriously, Ben Shapiro & Meghan McCain both had embarrassing meltdowns in televised interviews that went viral & exposed them as dissembling bigots.

Neither interview was conducted by a Sunday-morning TV interviewer or US cable news host.
Mehdi Hasan
ibn rushd ibn sina ibn al haytham ibn hayyan al battani al farabi al razi al kindi al khwarizmi surprise ben s
Ibn Rushd
Ibn Sina
Ibn Al Haytham
Ibn Hayyan
Al Battani
Al Farabi
Al Razi
Al Kindi
Al Khwarizmi

Surprise! Ben Shapiro is utterly ignorant about the history of science, but is so bent on boosting the ‘Judeo-Christian’ West, and white people, that he makes a fool of himself:
Omar Baddar
a few quotes to remember ben shapiro above 800 million muslims are radicalizedthat s a majority ayaan hirsi al
A few quotes to remember:

Ben Shapiro: "above 800 million Muslims are radicalized...that's a majority"

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "every devout Muslim...must have at least approved of [9/11]"

Brigitte Gabriel: "A practicing Muslim...cannot be a loyal citizen to the US"

The Daily Beast
ben shapiro storms out of bbc interview snapping i m popular and no one s ever heard of you
Ben Shapiro storms out of BBC interview, snapping, "I'm popular and no one's ever heard of you"
Ben Shapiro
destroys ben shapiro so that s what that feels like broke my own rule and wasn t properly prepared i ve addre
.@afneil DESTROYS Ben Shapiro! So that's what that feels like ;)
Broke my own rule, and wasn't properly prepared. I've addressed every single issue he raised before; see below. Still, it's Neil 1, Shapiro 0.
BBC Politics
i am not inclined to continue an interview with someone as badly motivated as you us conservative political co
“I am not inclined to continue an interview with someone as badly motivated as you”

US conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro ends spiky interview with @afneil

Watch #politicslive interview in full:
Lauren Duca
ugh paul ryan is really the ben shapiro of mitch mcconnells
Ugh, Paul Ryan is really the Ben Shapiro of Mitch McConnells
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