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Luke Hemmings
also i ran into bart before i became a wizard life complete
Also I ran into Bart before I became a wizard, life complete
Matthew Espinosa
i just found this on my phone lmfaoooooo thanks bart
I just found this on my phone lmfaoooooo thanks Bart
Sen. Patrick Leahy
bottom line its not just bart okavanaugh or minimizing his contemporaneous drinking or misogyny in his yearboo
BOTTOM LINE: It’s not just “Bart O’Kavanaugh,” or minimizing his contemporaneous drinking or misogyny in his yearbook. On issues big and small, anytime Judge Kavanaugh is faced with an incriminating or difficult question under oath, he cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
Michael Skolnik
she has a name 18 year old nia wilson was stabbed to death last night in oakland while at a bart station the k
SHE HAS A NAME: 18 year old Nia Wilson was stabbed to death last night in Oakland while at a BART station. The killer is still at large.
@SFBART 9 months
murder suspect now in custody bart police took him into custody at pleasant hill bart full details to come and
Murder suspect now in custody! BART Police took him into custody at Pleasant Hill BART. Full details to come and Chief availability at Rockridge BART at 8pm. Thank you BPD and thank riders for keeping your eye out!!
Brian Beutler
remember when kavanaugh pretended he didn t know whether the bart o kavanaugh character in judge s book was ba
Remember when Kavanaugh pretended he didn't know whether the "Bart O'Kavanaugh" character in Judge's book was based on him, but then it turned out his nickname in high school was Bart?
@NFL 3 years
bart starr brett favre incredible th4nksgiving
Bart Starr. Brett Favre.

Incredible. #TH4NKSGIVING
David Enrich
here s the full text of kavanaugh s two page letter sent ahead of beach week in june 1983 bart was his nicknam
Here's the full text of Kavanaugh's two-page letter, sent ahead of "Beach Week" in June 1983. ("Bart" was his nickname in high school.)
@ajplus 9 months
18 year old nia wilson was fatally stabbed by an attacker at a bart train station in oakland her sister was al
18-year-old Nia Wilson was fatally stabbed by an attacker at a BART train station in Oakland. Her sister was also injured in the attack and taken to a nearby hospital.
James Yammouni
homer is daniel marge is beau bart is jai lisa is me maggy is luke and together we re the simpsons bitch
Homer is Daniel
Marge is beau
Bart is Jai
Lisa is Me
Maggy is Luke
And together we're the Simpsons bitch
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