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David Frum
time for dc city council to rename pennsylvania avenue john mccain avenue
Time for DC City Council to rename Pennsylvania Avenue, "John McCain Avenue" ?
Rep. Eric Swalwell
there is a national emergency alright he lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue
There is a national emergency alright. He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Dan Rather
there is a push by some to say that both sides are to blame for the shutdown i would agree both sides of penns
There is a push by some to say that "both sides" are to blame for the shutdown. I would agree. Both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House and the GOP leaders of the Senate. It's pretty clear that's how the majority of Americans see it.
FOX 10 Phoenix
it only takes 2 seconds to retweet looking for missing 11yo nickolas herrera who was last seen on sunda near 4
IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO RETWEET: looking for missing 11yo Nickolas Herrera, who was last seen on Sunda near 47th Avenue and Maryland. Call Glendale Police with any info.
new hopes new dreams the sunflowers along university avenue in up diliman are now in full bloom since the earl
New hopes, new dreams. 🌻

The sunflowers along University Avenue in UP Diliman are now in full bloom.

Since the early 1980’s, these sunflowers have graced the school’s graduation ceremonies, serving as a yellow backdrop when the graduates march in. 📸 Beth Frondoso/Rappler
FOX 11 Los Angeles
south la names intersection of crenshaw boulevard and west slauson avenue nipsey hussle square after slain ra
#BREAKING : South L.A. names intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and West Slauson Avenue "Nipsey Hussle Square" after slain rapper.
FOX 29
@FOX29philly 3 months
missing 14 year old kyla cook was last seen on the 5700 block of warrington avenue kingsessing
#MISSING: 14 year-old Kyla Cook was last seen on the 5700 block of Warrington Avenue. #Kingsessing
preliminary update there was a helicopter hard landing on the roof of 787 7th avenue in midtown manhattan fire
PRELIMINARY UPDATE: There was a helicopter hard landing on the roof of 787 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Fire has been extinguished. Please continue to avoid the area.
Capitol Records
yucca street x argyle avenue nctsmtown127 nct127inla wearesuperhuman nct nct127inusa
📍 Yucca Street x Argyle Avenue @NCTsmtown_127

@Complex 2 months
los angeles intersection slauson avenue and crenshaw boulevard will be renamed after nipsey hussle more
Los Angeles intersection, Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard, will be renamed after Nipsey Hussle.

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