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arlan hamilton remember her name a women of color a leader and proud member of lgbtq has decided to provide 36
Arlan Hamilton. Remember her name. A women of color, a leader, and proud member of LGBTQ has decided to provide $36M worth of investments to Black female founders! Read the inspiring story here --
Mark Cuban
@mcuban 2 months
you havent seen what arlan hamilton is capable of yet
You Haven’t Seen What Arlan Hamilton is Capable of Yet
@MAKERSwomen 4 months
in 2018 arlan hamilton became one of the first black women ever to be featured on the cover of all i could thi
In 2018, Arlan Hamilton became one of the first black women ever to be featured on the cover of . "All I could think of was me, years ago, looking for her: a black woman on a business magazine who isn't a celebrity turned herself into something."
@Forbes 4 months
backstage capital founder arlan hamilton on her improbable rise to the head of a 36m venture fund and how she
Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton on her improbable rise to the head of a $36M venture fund, and how she's turning inequality into opportunity for the underestimated:
@Forbes 4 months
it s not your only shot you have many shots and the one shot thing is a myth says arlan hamilton founder of ba
"It's not your only shot. You have many shots. And the one-shot thing is a myth," says Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital.
Fast Company
memo to the silicon valley boys club arlan hamilton has no time for your bs
Memo to the Silicon Valley boys’ club: Arlan Hamilton has no time for your BS
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