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Donald J. Trump
it is my honor today to announce that danny burch a united states citizen who has been held hostage in yemen f
It is my honor today to announce that Danny Burch, a United States citizen who has been held hostage in Yemen for 18 months, has been recovered and reunited with his wife and children. I appreciate the support of the United Arab Emirates in bringing Danny home...
@ajplus 1 week
a pennsylvania school district did a shooting safety drill with a teacher dressed in an arab headscarf or kaff
A Pennsylvania school district did a shooting safety drill with a teacher dressed in an Arab headscarf, or kaffiyeh.

It says it was part of a "costume" not meant to represent a specific culture.

Local Muslim groups called it "appalling."

(Image: Penn-Trafford School District)
Pope Francis
i am about to leave for the united arab emirates i am visiting that country as a brother in order to write a p
I am about to leave for the United Arab Emirates. I am visiting that Country as a brother, in order to write a page of dialogue together, and to travel paths of peace together. Pray for me!
Ted Cruz
the holocaust revisionism of is simply false this article gives the real history key excerpt the arab leadersh
The Holocaust revisionism of ⁦@RashidaTlaib⁩ is simply FALSE. This article gives the real history. Key excerpt: “The Arab leadership was also openly pro-Nazi. Haj Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem and a respected figure...” 1/2
Ben Shapiro
she is still lying the palestinian arab opposition to jews entering british palestine resulted in the british
She is still lying. The Palestinian Arab opposition to Jews entering British Palestine resulted in the British restricting refugees from Hitler, and the leader of the Palestinian Arabs met directly with Hitler to suggest a Final Solution for Jews in the Middle East.
@ANI_news 1 day
bjp supporters celebrate in dubai united arab emirates electionresults2019
BJP supporters celebrate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. #ElectionResults2019
Jeremy Corbyn MP
the nation state law sponsored by s government discriminates against israel s palestinian minority i stand wit
The nation state law sponsored by 's government discriminates against Israel's Palestinian minority.

I stand with the tens of thousands of Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel demonstrating for equal rights at the weekend in Tel Aviv.
news of the incident at the al aqsa mosque the third holiest site in islam and central to the ongoing arab isr
News of the incident at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam and central to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, was largely overshadowed by a much larger blaze engulfing the Notre Dame Cathedral at the same time.
Washington Post
in his last post column before his disappearance jamal khashoggi wrote about the arab worlds need for a free p
In his last Post column before his disappearance, Jamal Khashoggi wrote about the Arab world’s need for a free press. Read it here.
Ari Fleischer
no violence in the west bank no violence in jordan no protests in the arab street only hamas only a terrorist
No violence in the West Bank. No violence in Jordan. No protests in the Arab Street. Only Hamas. Only a terrorist group that urged its militants to attack Israel. Terrorists who refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist. And this is how the NYT covers it. Shame.
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