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The Int'l Spectator
lowest government integrity 2018 of all world s countries 1 venezuela 75 2 nigeria 144 3 cambodia 177 4 madaga
Lowest government integrity, 2018. (of all world's countries)

1. Venezuela: 7.5
2. Nigeria: 14.4
3. Cambodia: 17.7
4. Madagascar: 17.8
5. Somalia: 17.8
6. Angola: 18.9
7. Zimbabwe: 18.9
8. Lebanon: 20.2
9. Bangladesh: 21.2
10. Sudan: 21.4

(Heritage Foundation)
Darren Rovell
25 years ago today charles barkley says i don t know anything about angola but i know they re in trouble dream
25 Years Ago Today, Charles Barkley says, "I don't know anything about Angola, but I know they're in trouble." Dream Team beats them by 68.
Kenneth P. Vogel
new trump fundraiser offered or arranged meetings with for leaders of congo angola amp romania while pursuing
NEW: TRUMP fundraiser offered or arranged meetings with for leaders of Congo, Angola & Romania -- while pursuing lucrative defense contracts with those countries.
Mail & Guardian
joao lourenco is showing that he is the new president of angola and not a puppet of the dos santos s administr
João Lourenço is showing that he is the new president of Angola, and not a puppet of the Dos Santos's administration.
The Int'l Spectator
share of population living under 19 a day madagascar 776 dr congo 771 uzbekistan 621 nigeria 535 kenya 428 ang
Share of population
living under $1.9 a day

Madagascar: 77.6%
DR Congo: 77.1%
Uzbekistan: 62.1%
Nigeria: 53.5%
Kenya: 42.8%
Angola: 30.1%
Ethiopia: 26.7%
India: 21.2%
South Africa: 18.9%
Bangladesh: 14.8%
Philippines: 8.3%

(World Bank)

Longer list:
Narendra Modi
angola is a valued friend from africa my interaction with president joao lourenco was comprehensive we discuss
Angola is a valued friend from Africa. My interaction with President João Lourenço was comprehensive. We discussed ways to deepen bilateral cooperation, particularly trade as well as people-to-people ties.
shannon sharpe
ketch fiy bron bron out here hitting 3s from new iberia angola and shreveport
Ketch fiy Bron. Bron out here hitting 3s from New Iberia , Angola and Shreveport 🤣🤣🤣
The Int'l Spectator
infant deaths per 1000 live births angola 96 nigeria 89 pakistan 69 kenya 59 india 41 south africa 38 indonesi
Infant deaths per 1,000 live births.

Angola: 96
Nigeria: 89
Pakistan: 69
Kenya: 59
India: 41
South Africa: 38
Indonesia: 25
Brazil: 15
Iran: 15
Turkey: 12.6
China: 11.6
Russia: 8.2
US: 5.9
UK: 4.2
Australia: 3.9
France: 3.3
Germany: 3.1
Japan: 2.2
Singapore: 1.7

south africa is 25 years old nelson mandela wrote from robben island on cuba whose defeat of south africa in a
South Africa is 25 years old. Nelson Mandela wrote from Robben Island on Cuba whose defeat of South Africa in Angola sped up freedom: “It was the first time that a country had come from another continent not to take something away, but to help Africans to achieve their freedom”
Jim Sciutto
those countries are britain france russia china japan ukraine angola egypt uruguay spain senegal and new zeala
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