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Judd Legum
9 advertisers during tucker carlson s second commercial break abbvie sheex tommyjohn gmc qunolofficial
9. Advertisers during Tucker Carlson's second commercial break:





breaking abbvie agrees to buy allergan for about 63 billion in a cash and stock deal
BREAKING: AbbVie agrees to buy Allergan for about $63 billion in a cash-and-stock deal
CNN Business
abbvie announced it will buy allergan for 63 billion combining the companies behind humira and botox and creat
AbbVie announced it will buy Allergan for $63 billion, combining the companies behind Humira and Botox and creating yet another pharmaceutical behemoth
The New York Times
the drugmaker abbvie said that it planned to buy allergan the maker of botox for about 63 billion
The drugmaker AbbVie said that it planned to buy Allergan, the maker of Botox, for about $63 billion
Matt Stoller
pharma giant abbvie plans to celebrate the tax cut with double digit price hikes in 2018 on its suite of medic
Pharma giant AbbVie plans to celebrate the tax cut with double digit price hikes in 2018 on its suite of medicines. So much celebration!
Keith Olbermann
i have just seen the worst tv commercial of all time a drug company called abbvie is trying to guilt people in
I have just seen the worst TV commercial of all time. A drug company called AbbVie is trying to guilt people into taking its product because having Crohn’s or Colitis is selfish because it keeps you from watching your kid’s sports events. Seriously. #MayYourCompanyMeltInTheHotSun
Reuters Top News
drugmaker abbvie to acquire botox maker allergan for 63 billion read more
Drugmaker AbbVie to acquire Botox-maker Allergan for $63 billion. Read more:
The Fly
abbvie bought 30400 shares while affiliated managers group director sold 54350 catch up in fly insider weekly
AbbVie #VP bought 30,400 shares, while Affiliated Managers Group director sold 54,350 #shares. Catch up in "Fly Insider" weekly from @theflynews $ABBV $MDCO $ETMN $ADCT $CCL $AMGN $FCNCA $ADBE $CSL $CCSM
abbvie to buy allergan for 60 billion in latest pharma megadeal
Abbvie To Buy Allergan For $60 Billion In Latest Pharma Megadeal
Keith Ellison
overpatented overpriced names and shames abbvie roche and pfizeras the worst offenders who used aggressive and
Overpatented, Overpriced, names and shames —AbbVie, Roche and Pfizer—as the worst offenders who used “aggressive and exploitative patenting strategies” to extend their monopolies and pull off significant price increases.
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