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If you dream about breakfast burritos, what do breakfast burritos dream about?
#TacoJohns #OléTheDay #Breakfast #BreakfastBurritos
Our favorite fall color is Potato Olés®.
#TacoJohns #OléTheDay #FallColors #Fall
Pssst... You're invited to an exclusive Taco John's contest! Tap the link to enter. https://t.co/UvGigW1JYv

#Hurry #GoingFast #TacoJohns #OléTheDay
Chip chip hooray! It's National Nachos Day. Get FREE Chips & Nacho Cheese in the Taco John's Rewards app today.
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Spread the word. Only seven more days to get 3 for $5 Street Tacos. #TacoJohns #OléTheDay
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It's where you go to start your day off right! Try our breakfast burritos - you won't regret it. https://t.co/BrEeB2hnce
Tell him to kickstart his day with our breakfast burritos and he won't! https://t.co/XWSc8WUPHg
Trick or treat, give me nacho cheese to eat. Happy Halloween!
#HappyHalloween #TacoJohns #OléTheDay
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